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Buggy Roundup 5: Dec 9-10, 2017

Have you ever wanted to get together with all the buggies of Dumont? That's what the Buggy Roundup is all about. This is DDR's 5th annual Dumont trip for all the guys and girls who have buggies. We camp together as a group across from bathroom 10 on the hard pack. This way nobody gets lost or stuck. The Buggy Roundup gives everyone a chance to meet up, hang out, and run the dunes together without the madness of a holiday weekend. New to the Roundup? No problem. Just RSVP blow and you're in. The circle is big and there's always room for more. We'll make a second ring if we have to. Many of us know each other, but many don't. One thing's for sure...at the end of the weekend, total strangers end up leaving as friends. 


Last year's camp




Schedule of Events

There isn't one! This is Dumont. We don't look at our watches or have schedules. Sometimes we sleep in, sometimes we get up early to shred the dunes. It all depends on how much fun we had the night before. We usually hit the dunes runs whenever someone in camp yells, let's roll!




Buggy Weigh In

If Ben is able to bring his scales this year like he has in the past, you'll get a chance to weigh your car. Get a full digit readout of the weight at all four corners. Place bets and talk crap about how each others car needs to go on a diet! :laughing:


P1120575 (Large).JPG



Taco night

Saturday night we'll be grilling up carne & pollo asada for everyone again this year. If you have something you'd like to bring as a side dish, you are more than welcome to, but it's not necessary. The tacos are on DDR so don't feel the need to kick in either. 




Click GOING in the event link below if you are in.


Camp Location

As you come up the hill past the ranger station, stay on the road until you see bathroom 10. Camp will be just off the road on the side right. When you pull up to camp and aren't sure where to park, don't sweat it. It's first come, first served. There are no parking assignments. If you are new and don't know many people, just ask for Pete. Keep in mind the circle will have to stay fairly big to accommodate everyone and an outer circle may even be necessary, but we'll all be camping together so keep it tight.   




Side x Sides and Bikes

We don't discriminate, however this is the BUGGY roundup. Everyone is welcome to come camp with the group, but we ask that all bikes and side x sides do their own dune runs or stay back behind the buggies. Big cars don't mix well with bikes and side x sides.  It's for your own safety and we don't want them to take away from what this trip is about in the first place...a buggy gathering. 




Last years trip report


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