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    • New Year's Weekend: Ringing in 2018 at Dumont

      It's time to say goodbye to 2017. Grab a bunch of firewood and bundle up for New Year's weekend at Dumont Dunes, because it's the coldest holiday weekend of the season. Duners will be toasting to 2018 on Sunday evening this year. New Years Day is Monday, Jan 1st. Vendor row should have a few vendors, but it's never been very full for this holiday. Don't forget you'll need a holiday pass. They are required from Dec 25, 2017 thru Jan 2, 2018. 
      Another thing to keep in mind is there will be plenty of fireworks going off. Although they are illegal at Dumont, they are very popular on New Years weekend and cause dogs to get scared and run away from camp. The best thing you can do is leave your pets at home with a sitter, but if that's not possible and you bring them out, keep them on a leash and don't let them get away. We can't stress this enough. Every holiday weekend we help duners find their dogs. Also make sure your pets are tagged and also put some sort of light up collar or harness on them.
      Have a safe and fun weekend!