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      Presidents Weekend 2017 Recap

      This year it seems the forecast of rain scared away most of the regulars that go out to Dumont for Presidents Weekend. Others were already dedicated and going out regardless. 
      All photos tagged or sent in to @dumontduneriders from the DDR community
      Thursday afternoon the weather couldn't have been better. It was business as usual at Dumont with smooth sand and clear skies. There was hardly anyone out there that early. 

      Vendors rolled in and got set up on Vendor Row.

      Come Friday morning, the cloudy skies indicated a storm was brewing. Some light rain came in and sprinkled the dunes for a few hours. 
      Duners grabbed their camping spots and filled in close to where the action was going to take place. There was a short break in the weather. As most people call it, "the calm before the storm". 
      There was no shortage of Presidents Day spirit with these guys!

      And then....WHAM. The W came in with a vengeance. Gusts over 35 mph blew hard all afternoon and into the night.

      On Saturday morning, Dumont resembled someplace out of a science fiction novel. Low lying clouds and fog hung over the dunes.
      Although it rained for several hours, many still went out to play. 
      Duners showed up at the hill with their trucks, umbrellas and any other way they could stay dry to watch the Jeep hill climbs.
      As the day went on, the rain finally subsided. The best part of a storm at Dumont is the riding afterwards. It turned out to be a nice afternoon in the dunes.
      Sunday started off with great weather. The storms were over and the drags were underway.

      Duners showed up to watch the races and have a good time.
      Although the poor weather scared most of the duners away this year, the Jeep drags still attracted a decent crowd.
      The wet sand worked in favor for some of the dragsters, others not so much. Check out the wheelie that this Blazer pulled during one of the races! Talk about a wild ride.
      This year's President's Day t-shirts by California Casuals featured Trump driving a sandrail.
      Another great sunset closed out the weekend.

      We thank everyone who sent in all the great photos and video from the weekend! 
      Do you have pictures from Presidents Weekend you'd like to share? Post them on our forum in the link listed below....