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  1. Who is that guy?!!!!
  2. Where to start.... What a great trip once again. This weekend never disappoints! Got in Thursday noon and unloaded and just hung out at camp. Thursday night was Tri-tip at Dan and Amanda's trailer, effen great food! Thanks you two for putting this together. Friday got up and saw more people had arrived overnight and it was shaping up to be a big circle (if you can call it that). Did some riding, trying to take it easy before the round up on Saturday. Friday night shenanigan's at the fire and off to bed. Saturday was the day! Over 50 cars in the camp all lined up, even went out of camp so a few cars made a second line. After cars and coffee was the big ride. Myself and Neil headed out to get a good location for photos as the caravan went by. It was so cool watching you all strung out across many dunes at the same time. I tried my best to get you all but I know I did miss 1 or 2 of you as my camera had other ideas! Then photos at the drags as the big boys were showing off. The raffle was amazing once again! Everyone's donations made this event a great success. I managed to snag me a fuel jug! The bidding for the tow hitch cover, you had to be there to see how nuts it was, the money was going to the website so the bidding got way out of hand which was a good thing. The rest of the time was spent just goofing off and getting in a ride or 2. Sunday the weather couldn't have been better. Pete, Anna, Josh and myself had one last ride and Pete had is drone overhead. Not a super fast ride which was good as I wanted to load my car up under it's own power and head home soon. Thanks to Pete and Anna for once again allowing me to crash in their trailer. And to all my friends that I only see there, it was good seeing you and I am looking forward to Round-up 10! I will load up a few favorites here but the big photodump is on my website- https://www.619actionphoto.com/Desert/Dumont-Dunes-Dune-Buggy-Round-Up-9/i-gnthh4s Feel free to look for your favorites and download them for free. Until next time. Tim
  3. I am essential, so I am still working. All admin is home teleworking, It's definitely quieter on the roads especially at night. Can't wait till this blows over and thing get back to somewhat normalcy.
  4. Thinking about making this trip with the family.
  5. Did someone say Snoop Dogg is in the house? Sandy has a major announcement to make this weekend, stay tuned!
  6. Oh DAMN, I Gotta wake the old girl up from her slumber and prep her for the trip.
  7. I kicked down some $$. Thanks Pete
  8. My legs are still sunburned from this trip. It was a blast but all that paddling definitely sucked with the headwind. All the little places that we didn't know about but Chris took us was very cool. Tons of people probably cruise right by these locations not knowing what they are missing out on. I have my boat out now and we are prepping for a weekend on lake mead this summer!
  9. She is local to me, I used her to get a license plate for my golf cart. Very easy to work with and a smooth transaction. She goes to a dealers/vendor DMV office not a public one. This was about 8 years ago. Not sure if she is still around.
  10. Hell no, LOL. this body is made for driving. This was my 4th year driving the support vehicle behind the runners. I keep telling myself, 1 year I will run a leg in this race. The shortest leg is just over 4 miles, the longest is over 11 miles. It fun to do this and I look forward to it each year.
  11. I did this event, looks like I was already passed by the time you set up. We started at 9am and probably went through Dumont around 10:00 - 10:30 ish. Our vehicle was #215
  12. I took this when he was down here looking at the prototype walls last year.
  13. I did a quick youtube search and found this- This might be your culprit.
  14. You don't need new parts to diagnose this. you have 1 bad cylinder- so move a plug wire from another cylinder to the #3 position and put #3 where you took that wire from. If the problem moves away from #3 to another hole- BINGO! Remember this- Keep it simple, Start in one direction and and work forward/backwards. Don't jump around or you might miss the problem. Sounds like the Fuel system is ok, work on the electric side. Check the cap/rotor, if thats good, move to the wires. If they are good, go to the plugs. Throw in a new set just for added cheap security. VW's are such a simple motor, I have rebuilt them in my bedroom when I lived at home. Picked the damn thing up out of my 63 and walked it into the house. LOL And as Stormin189 said- #3 is a culprit for less air flow. My sand rail had major overkill for my oil system. Deep Sump + stock oil cooler and a 96 plate cooler with oil filter inline. I had over 6 quarts of oil in my motor.
  15. Is the exhaust tube on that cylinder hot to the touch? Pull the plug and rest it on the exhaust and see if it is indeed getting spark all the way to the plug. Is fuel getting to the cylinder. Accelerator pump working? Check the inside of the cap for carbon tracks or cracks. With the motor running, spray carb cleaner along the sides of the carb and see if the idle changes- if yes- you have a leak at a gasket. Swap plug wires and see if the dead cylinder changes. Clogged jets, suckers get clogged easily. Look into a velocity stack air meter- it is crucial in setting the jets and getting all 4 cylinders balanced. Just a few things I can think of that plagued me when I had my VW motor back in the day.
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