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2011 Mint 400

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dunefreak    1,179

Anyone going or racing this year?

Here's the schedule and info from their website. Not sure I'll make it out to the race since I have to work that weekend, but tech on Fremont is usually fun. beerpint.gif

Thur. 03/24/2011 :

10:00 AM - 12:00 NOON - Registration for QUALIFYING VEHICLES ONLY! No exceptions.

Qualifying for Unlimited Trucks and Class 1's.

Location: Pabco Road, Old SNORE 250 S/F

Click to view map & directions.

10:00 AM - 12:00 NOON - MEDIA Credentials Check- In

Location: Pabco Road, Old SNORE 250 S/F

1:00 PM - Drivers Meeting for Qualifying Vehicles- Unlimited Trucks and Class 1

One parade lap with follow after the drivers meeting

Location: Pabco Road, Old SNORE 250 S/F

1:45 PM - Time Trials - Estimated start time - One vehicle every 2 minutes, the Qualifying loop for this course is approximately 4 miles in length.

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Fremont Street East District - GENERAL TIRE MINT 400 FANFEST/MEET & GREET

If you would like to have your vehicle on display for the Meet & Greet please contact Brittany Burgos or Daniel Maurer via email. This is a opportunity for you and your team to get some exposure to the public. Feel free to bring whatever team gear/swag you want to pass out to the fans. More information regarding the event will be given as the date approaches.

8:00 PM - Miss Mint 400 Crowning

The Miss Mint 400 Crowning will take place following the Meet & Greet, at Fremont Street East. For more information on the Miss Mint 400 conest please visit General Tire's website,

www. generaltire.com

9:00 PM - 12:00 AM - General Tire VIP 80's Party - A PRIVATE EVENT. General Tire is hosting this event and admission is by invitation only.

Location: Gold Diggers at the Golden Nugget

12:00 AM- ??? Azunia Tequila AFTER PARTY- This is an event open to the general public, Azunia Tequila is hosting.

Location: Hoggs and Heifers Saloon, 201 North 3rd Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Fri. 03/25/11:


El Cortez Hotel and Casino, 2nd Floor.


Location: Fremont Street East to Fremont Street Experience

This year Tech and Contingency will be heading EAST on Fremont Street . We will be starting Tech & Contingency Row under the canopy at Fremont & 1st street, and ending at Fremont & 7th Street. Parking this year should be MUCH EASIER than in the past. This year you Offload & Load from the same parking area . Trailer parking will be in the City of LV parking lot off 7th and Mesquite under the freeway. You can also utilize this parking lot the entire weekend for parking if your hotel can not accommodate your rig.

The police will be escorting 10 vehicles at a time to the Tech entrance. Please DO NOT line up in the parking lot staging area until you are ready to leave for Tech!! There will also be a police escort leaving the Tech area to return you to the parking lot.

DO NOT have any persons other than those riding inside the vehicle go with the police escort. If anyone is riding on the side of the race vehicle, or sitting on the front or back, the escort will immediately STOP until those persons are off the vehicle.

ONLY utilize this parking lot for tech staging. If you do otherwise or enter Fremont Street at another location or early, YOU will face a possible CITATION!!

Click to view map: Mint 400 Tech Parking & Route

3:30 - 5:30 PM - MEDIA Check In -

El Cortez Hotel and Casino, 2nd Floor.


Location: Binions Hotel & Casino- Banquet Room

6:00 PM - DRIVER'S MEETING - All DOR's are required to attend

Location: Binions Hotel & Casino- Banquet Room

Sat. 03/26/11:


Start/Finish is located off I-15, about 25 minutes north of Las Vegas, at the Moapa Travel Plaza, Exit 75.

Sun. 03/27/11:


Location: Binions Hotel & Casino Banquet Room

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