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  1. hahaa right! The van is awesome for just about everything besides the sand. We stealth camped right on 6th street in HB! No hotel needed. We're always home.
  2. Looks like Dumont with that mountain range in the background. Also, this expert has no paddles or sand tires.
  3. Here is the Trunk or Treat flyer! Some groups still do the old fashion camp-to-camp trick or treat thing, but this is also taking place Saturday night of Halloween and has proved to be a great time. The event page...
  4. Went down to Irvine to catch Slightly Stoopid & The Interrupters then killed a few days in Newport, Crystal Cove, Huntington and Seal Beach.
  5. @Sandemon John goes to the meetings. Maybe he can bring it up again. I have contacts at the BLM. I could also ask.
  6. Thank you very much! It helps and I will.
  7. Yep, they've always had them. Might wanna call to make sure, but they should. They're on Lake Mead near Van Wagonen. Info is on the passes page.
  8. Carter didn't have the non-res OHV stickers? I always go to the Proshop in Henderson. They have them at the parts counter.
  9. I am always trying to keep the site fresh with new ideas, content and interactive features. Here's what's been happening behind the scenes lately here at DDR. Here'e a couple new features I added to the site. DDR Facebook feed: Not everyone is on FB and most of the FB content or posts are usually just a feed from a link on here, but from time to time we share or re-share something that was posted to our FB page. That feed is now visible on the sidebar of the forum, homepage, and when you click new posts. When on mobile, just scroll farther down the page since there is no sidebar. Same goes for or Instagram feed. That is now also on the homepage. It was on there for a while, but the plugin we were using stopped working when a new software update took place. I would like to incorporate the feed into the new posts feed/ link as well. Just haven't figured out exactly the best way to do it yet. I try not to disrupt the user flow of the site. For now, the 5 most recent Instagram posts show up on the homepage only. "Upcoming Events" has been added to the homepage. Each member's "Joined Date" has been added to their profile when viewing a forum topic. Before you'd have to have to hover or click on a member's profile to see how long they've been around or have posted. It's not important, but it's nice to know. Now it's right there in the profile next to their post under their name and pic. Landmarks page has been updated with some newer photos and information. Some of the pics were dated and some of Dumont's common places/ names were added like Sunset Hill, Memorial Hill, and the Salt Creek Mines. Dumont Info pages (every link under the INFO tab) had a larger font size update. Events Page got a little better view of the upcoming events. There are only so many plugins/ features for this and it bugs me, but it's at least a little better than it used to be. We have gained a new sponsor! Desert Bling, a vendor at Dumont, has helped sponsor our site! Check out their website and store on vendor row. They sell Love Sand, Dune Crew, American Rider Clothing Co. apparel and accessories, stickers. Things to come... I'd like to improve our buy/sell section by auto-pruning or deleting ads over 60 or 90 days old. Too many old ads get bumped and those items have sold off, then that member is long gone and doesn't reply. Supporting Membership opportunities may be coming. Thinking of implementing a premium membership that offers more or extras features. This would DDR keep afloat and help us continue to grow. DDR app: Our website software company, Invision Power Services, has been in the final stages of developing a community app. This means DDR may have an even faster way to be accessed via mobile. Although the site already works pretty damn well on the mobile version, an app offers an even more convenient way to post, browse, etc. This coupled with the new cell tower going in at Dumont means much more content and features coming to the site. That's all for now. I just wanted to keep you all in the loop with the new dune season ahead of us. Just as we thought this place was doomed with the loss of our domain name, we're back and stronger than ever. Input? If you have any suggestions or input as well, I am all ears. Good or bad, let's hear it especially is something isn't working properly with the site. Please let me know.
  10. Try private messaging members if they don't reply to their post. Sometimes they see the email notification that they get when a PM arrives.
  11. I heard from a guy who heard from a guy that another guy put something together out at Dumont. I'm sure there will be photos posted by the weekend. “Veterans hill”. For those curious. There is a new destination at Dumont dunes dedicated to the men and women who selflessly served our country and those who never made it home. Nobody really knows who’s responsible but rumor is they are part of our great nations warriors as well as big influences in the community both on and off road , they have promised to make veterans hill a worthwhile travel destination within the dunes. The location is undisclosed but it’s said that “you’ll know it when you see it”. Have also been told there’s a fantastic large dune with many small dunes surrounding the area making for a great spot to have fun.
  12. DirtBikeGuy was. As always, it was pretty sketchy right after summer. Definitely take it easy and be careful.
  13. They go over the annual budget every year with the DAC (Desert Advisory Committee). The public is always invited to attend. They explain in detail where the money goes and how much is left/ rolled into the next year's expenses, etc. I'm not sure which meeting throughout the year they cover this, but I can probably find out if you're interested.
  14. I appreciate that. I am looking at a way to do that so I can get a little more help with things but it'll take some time to implement. Thanks for the support!
  15. Here ya go https://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/passes/
  16. I really doubt it. They never do. The BLM usually grades the road during the week before Halloween weekend.
  17. Dune season is here and will be kicking off at Dumont Dunes Halloween weekend. Oct 26-27 is when duners will be heading out for the first big trip of the season. Be sure you have a holiday pass if you plan to visit Dumont between the dates of Oct 22-28, 2019. Get into the festive fun with a fun costume and don't forget to bring plenty of candy for the trick-or-treaters. While many families still go camp to camp, the BLM & Friends of Dumont Dunes will be holding their 3rd Annual Trunk or Treat near Vendor Row so you don't want to miss that. While the newly constructed cell tower should be fully operational soon, the anticipated "on-air" date will likely be sometime in November. Phone carriers such as Verizon and AT&T have been deploying their services to the new tower so we'll have to wait and see when the new tower will be fully functional. We'll be sure to keep you posted if we hear anything new. The clock is ticking so get those RVs and dune toys ready! Halloween weekend will be here before we know it. Get Ready! Decorate your rig, stock up on candy, and don't forget to be sure your pup is visible at night! Watch the Weather Keep an eye on the weather. Halloween can be great weather, but you never know. Sometimes it's hot! Grab a Holiday Season Pass or Weekly Holiday pass Season pass with holidays: $120 Holiday Weekly Pass: $40 Stoked?? Join the Discussion
  18. Friends of Dumont Dunes and the BLM will be hosting their 3rd Annual Trunk or Treat. It will take place Saturday night of Halloween weekend near Vendor Row.
  19. until
    Thanksgiving Weekend is Nov 28- Dec 1st.
  20. Thanks @Svengoolie. I took down the Amazon ads since we have raised some extra funds to help pay for site hosting costs. Nobody was clicking them anyways so they didn't help. I updated the news article on the homepage, but I will do the same here. UPDATE! We have reached our goal to cover the expenses! Thank you guys for donating. Any additional donations will still go towards the site to cover our hosting/ maintenance expenses.
  21. This thread was from the domain issue last month. The new one is here, Thanks. Like @EY3BA11 said, that is the only timed race or course that has taken place in the sand. Never at Dumont though. It's quite a task to put together and pull off. Marking off a race course in the dunes would require extensive staff, permits, insurance, etc. We've talked about it and it sounds like so much fun, but it would never happen. It would cost too much money and be too much of a liability/ responsibility for us. I love that name though...sand cross! haha
  22. Thank you guys! @Crusty & @DuNe~Rydher What's even greater than the donations themselves is the comments on here and in everyone's memo on their donation. I'm feelin the love and appreciate everyone's kind words. Often times I wonder if many of the things I do with the site go unnoticed and they apparently do not. Thanks again guys.
  23. Oh man sorry to hear about your friend. We had some flags made up for @sanddunesaddict when he past away back in 2014. I'll have to see who the company was. I think it was a local guy in Henderson.
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