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  1. Thanks for the updates, Jodi. Looks awesome out there. Enjoy!
  2. submitted by cswamp1
  3. I'm pretty sure there will be great service there as well.
  4. It doesn't have to be that difficult. lol Just click on visitor posts on this page. https://www.facebook.com/pg/dumontduneriders/posts/?ref=page_internal They were both iphones. Can't tell if it's new or sparkly. No mustard was turned in.
  5. In the beginning of the season, users of Dumont Dunes were very excited to hear about a new cell tower going in at Dumont Dunes. Shortly after the announcement, we were told it was going to be finished by November 19th, 2018! In early November, we received some selfies from a well-dressed project manager in a cowboy hat. The photo showed the completion of the access gate and the road that was graded to the top of a mountain just south of the big dunes. Nov 2018: Access Road When November 19th rolled around and there was still no cell tower, we weren't very surprised. That sounded way too good to be true. We did, however, get an updated from the BLM stating the tower would be installed and functioning by April/May of 2019. That sounded much more realistic. Throughout the season, however, we saw no work being done and we wondered if there was some sort of holdup. Would this cell tower actually be done this season...or ever? Duners were very eager to get out to the dunes and stream movies I guess. I was getting multiple messages before every holiday weekend asking if it was done. I would send everyone the following photo of the last update of their "tower". It's a photo of the top of the barren mountain where the cell tower site will be. Feb 2019: The Cell Tower Site Construction! It is now March and I can finally share some good news of some progress at the cell tower site. Over cleanup weekend, truckloads of cement were being hauled into Dumont. The trucks were driving out to Dumont from Las Vegas. It was taking them 3 hours to get there at which time the cement was quickly poured into front end loaders and hauled up the steep access road to the cell tower construction site. From the looks of it, the forms are in the ground and the foundation will be ready for the tower very soon. According to the BLM, the cell tower will be helicoptered in and set on top of that mountain. So it looks like that April/ May completion date may be a reality after all! We will keep you posted on the progress. The cell tower will be a great addition for Dumont users not only for selfies and live stream dune videos, but for emergencies and better communication in the dunes during breakdowns and recoveries. Here are the photos from the progress on March 16th, 2019. March 2019 More cell tower discussion on the forum...
  6. What up Joey! Long time no see for sure. Good to hear from you. Seems these ATCs are getting harder and harder to find for cheap, but I'll keep my eyes open for ya. BTW, do want me to merge this new account with your old one but keep your new name and password?
  7. Thanks There were 2 reported to our Facebook page on Saturday. I told them to post them here on the Lost/Found section but they didn't. I don't think people understand that nobody sees posts to a page on FB. FB doesn't even let me share those posts to our feed anymore. Just another reason to hate FB.
  8. Any others or are we ready to vote?
  9. As another season comes to a close, volunteers joined forces with the BLM to make Dumont a cleaner place. Friends of Dumont Dunes president, Jason Ardenski, recently injured his knee and was unable to put in his usual hard work and amazing efforts. It was looking like the cleanup event might not even happen this year until a few key people stepped in. FoDD Vice president, Heather N Siders, and Jimmy Lynn of Lynn Construction catered lunch for everyone who came out. The Barstow BLM made sure there was a large dumpster as well as trash bags, gloves, and the usual items needed to clean up. 130 volunteers signed up to help clean up the dunes. While the dunes seemed to be a bit cleaner this year, some of the camps and high traffic areas became much less littered with debris and a good haul of trash was brought in. A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved this year.
  10. We got in on Thursday night. Friday started as a relaxing day in the sun, riding the ATC70's all over the place. Then it was time for a buggy run. We met Theron, Gary, and Greg at the South Pole and left from there. We probably should had gone out earlier. The shadows were short and the dunes were extremely bright! We headed back and played on the 70's some more. haha Once Ben arrived we headed back out. The dunes have already started shifting from the recent spring winds. I chose a line along a ridge that I have taken several times before and came up on quite the surprise. There was a HUGE hole/ trench along the dune. I slammed on the brakes, drove right into it, and kissed the nose of the car on the backside of the hole. We managed to hit it rather softly, but if we came ripping any faster and I didn't hit the brakes, it would have been ugly. I took a couple pics from multiple angles to try and show how big it was. Back at camp... On our earlier ATC ride, dentboy lost his phone. Using his wife's phone to track it, we found it laying in the sand. Watching the hockey game Friday night Saturday...cleanup day. BLM and FoDD got 130 volunteers. Jimmy & Heather did a great job with lunch and the event was successful. Many thanks to everyone who helped volunteer. Some drone pics by Ben The Saturday dune run was great. We had a nice, big group. Anna and I drove out to check out the work on the cell tower. Many cement trucks were coming in. They were running loads of cement up to the top of the hill with loaders. Then @EY3BA11 and I took the two wheelers out. The sand was nice and felt to rip around. Back at camp...lazy time! Then more duning! Then on the way back, @rick10 had an unfortunate accident and rolled. With a little help from everyone in the group, we managed to get him back after the left front wheel broke off. Luckily he wasn't injured and he ended up being in good spirits after the initial shock wore off. Then just as we got back to camp, we got word that ANOTHER one in our group rolled the next dune over. wtf! When we got back to camp, we saw the helicopter fly over and a CHP & ambulance along the finger dune. Apparently a little earlier, a kid came up short while airing it on out on a dirtbike and broke his ankles and femur. Ouch! There were some dune gremlins out that afternoon for sure! We had some dinner and watched Supercross was a super lazy day. We enjoyed the nice warm weather, packed it up for the season and headed home. out Dumont! See ya in October.
  11. Working on it right now. DDR homework
  12. State Route 160 construction update BLASTING resumes Friday, March 15, at 12:45 p.m. through Mountain Springs. Motorists can still expect up to a 2-hour delay. photo NDOT
  13. No, you'll be fine. It's only been impassable a couple times in the last 20 years.
  14. I don't think weather forecasts get much better than this weekend's. Loos the nicest weekend of the season.
  15. Thank you President Trump. This is great news for Dumont Dunes as well as many other OHV areas. https://cook.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/president-trump-signs-rep-cooks-public-lands-legislation?fbclid=IwAR3K5Grv8T0lEUALgkHK2ZHQYhoexTLOYxyIACM6kCcbgcuQ6fbFJDKBDcY "The Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act is a package of bipartisan public lands-related bills that passed the House or Senate in the previous Congress. It includes critical lands legislation Rep. Cook introduced in the last Congress, including the Santa Ana Wash Land Exchange Act and the California Desert Protection and Recreation Act (previously known as the California Off-road Recreation and Conservation Act)." "The California Desert Protection and Recreation Act is the culmination of over five years of work in Congress by Rep. Cook, as well as over a decade of work by supporters on the ground. This landmark legislation creates the first national system of Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation areas and designates or expands six Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Recreation Areas in the California desert. These are Johnson Valley, Spangler Hills, El Mirage, Rasor, Dumont Dunes, and Stoddard Valley. This bill creates additional protections for OHV users and ensures that these areas cannot be closed by a future administration. The established or expanded OHV areas would total approximately 200,580 acres. Combined with the nearly 100,000 acres that make up the existing Johnson Valley OHV Recreation Area, this bill will ensure that over 300,000 acres are open permanently for OHV use in the California Desert."
  16. I wonder if they are the keys this guy lost a while back. He didn't describe them though.
  17. Anyone heading out to watch the race this weekend? I'm off work early so we're going to head downtown to get in on the pre-race festivities. Some great coverage from the time trials yesterday.
  18. Post up a pic for March Dune Pic of the Month Dune Pic of the Month Rules 1. The picture must be YOURS. You cannot post any photos you did not take. 2. The picture must not have any watermarks or logos on it. 3. The picture must be at least 600 x 600 pixels. 4. The picture must abide by the rules of this board and be dune related. 5. By posting a photo, you allow DDR to use it on our web pages & social media.
  19. Gonna have to bring my 2 wheeler then.
  20. Brian and Amanda are out there living it up all by themselves. Brian sent me these. It looks nice! They should have a good weekend.
  21. Jason, @JeepingJay36 / president of Friends of Dumont Dunes, recently jacked his knee up pretty bad. Here is an update from him regarding the cleanup. It's still on, but just no raffle. *** UPDATE from Jason/ Friends of Dumont Dunes*** RE: Dumont Dunes Clean-up March, 16th 2019 As some of you already know, I suffered a pretty bad knee injury two weeks ago. I will heal but unfortunately I am unable to walk, let alone drive for the next 4-6 weeks at best. Unable to put on the clean-up as I have in the past I proposed a few workarounds to the amazing staff at the BLM Barstow Field Office immediately following my injury. I have received word today that the BLM in conjunction with some FoDD board members and some great friends will be teaming up and taking on the role and ensuring that the clean-up will take place in my absence. The food menu will be changed to a simpler hot dog/chili dog/nachos/chips/water configuration and their will not be a quick draw this year. I apologize for the inconvenience, however, I would like for you and your family/group to continue to join in the mission of participating in the clean-up, making it a great time and enjoying doing the right thing for the place we all love. I will make sure that next year's clean-up will be the biggest and best yet to make up for this last minute change. Thank you for your time and support! I'll see all of you in October at the Trunk or Treat Season Opener! Jason Ardenski President Friends of Dumont Dunes
  22. Yep. As long as the machine isn't broken.
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