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  1. We had some great weather. A little chilly in the morning but it warned up quickly. The dunes were in great shape. There weren't too many people out there for MLK this year and seemed like less than last year's. Perfect! The only crowd I saw was at the North Pole when they were all putting that new pole in. We had some great dune runs and even squeezed in a Little Dumont rip. That place is alot of fun and so is the cruise over. I stopped and finally met some of the vendors and picked up some shirts, hat and sweatshirt. Jericho Specialties, Desert Bling, Short Bus Ice Cream and the snow cone guy were out. Saturday night we all sat around the fire and smudge pot watching supercross. All in all it was a great weekend! Here's some pics...
  2. If you've been to Dumont Dunes, chances are you've been to the North Pole. It's one of the most popular spots out there. Over the years, the North Pole has seen some weather, abuse, and vandalism. It has been rebuilt several times. A few years ago a large second pole was installed next to the original North Pole. It was a "super sized" North Pole and everyone loved it. It became a Dumont monument where duners would hang items of importance and visit while on run through the dunes. Late Friday night of MLK weekend, it was set on fire. Duners first noticed the burned pole down Saturday morning as it was still smoldering. The remaining little bit of pole was propped back up with rocks by the duners. Everyone was outraged. Social media blew up and the community was pissed. A few Vegas guys quickly came together with a plan for a new pole. They were welcomed with applause and cheer when they arrived out there. Everyone came together and helped erect the new North Pole. The old memorials and items were salvaged and placed on the pole before it was put in the ground. A flag and solar lights were also installed.
  3. The new pole went up yesterday. I live streamed it for about an hour.
  4. The actual North Pole & mailbox are fine. Someone did burn that piece of trash down though. lol I put my 2 cents in on it here...
  5. The orignal metal North Pole & mailbox are untouched. The big wood pole that was installed a few years ago that has acted as a trash collection was burned down by somebody late Friday night/ Saturday morning of MLK weekend. I heard about it first thing Saturday morning. These are my thoughts and I realize not many people will agree but here it goes. It's a shame that someone would even think of doing this in the first place. People have no respect these days. It also sucks that some people put their memorials and things of importance on that pole to begin with. They should have chosen a much more respectful & fitting place like Memorial Hill. I'm starting to realize alot of people have no idea that place even exists at Dumont. All or most of those things on the pole were destroyed. On a happier note, all those old shoes, busted up riding gear, broken whips, and pretty much old trash was also burned up. I really don't see the big deal. It's just a second pole that was honestly looking pretty bad and it looked like it was going to fall over soon. I'm not upset it's gone, but I hear someone is already planning on putting up another pole. Apparently the original pole & mailbox isn't good enough.
  6. until
    Some people like to plan early, so here's the dates for Halloween weekend 2020. October 30-Nov 1, 2020.
  7. A little "breezy" today in Vegas. I wonder if any of that W blew out at D today. The sand should be in great shape! And look at Sunday. High of 67! nice
  8. Badass buggy especially for the price. Good luck, Mike.
  9. Looks like we'll be heading out for MLK weekend! Anyone else going out? Weather forecast looks good. Partly cloudy, highs around 60 and lows near 40.
  10. Just thought I'd start a thread for President's weekend. Who' headed out this year? Oh and heads up- no Jeep drags/ hill climbs this year. The Jeep club is taking a break this time around.
  11. President's Weekend is coming up and it's one of Dumont's biggest weekends other than Halloween & Thanksgiving. The normal tradition for President's weekend is the Jeep Jamboree drags and hill climbs, but this year the club is taking a break. You can still expect the normal crowds and vendors to be there though. If you plan on going out anytime from Feb 11-17, 2020, you will need a holiday pass. Trump image credit
  12. A cool backstory to this.
  13. until
    President's Weekend is Feb 14-17, 2020. There will be no Jeep drags or hill climbs this year. They're taking a break this time around.
  14. Can you believe its 2020 and we're approaching the middle of dune season already? The next holiday weekend is right around the corner, MLK Weekend. Although it's not typically a busy weekend, holiday passes are required from Jan 14-20, 2020. This holiday weekend is what I like to call a duner's holiday. You won't find thousands of people partying at Comp Hill on Saturday night, but instead you'll notice more people actually in the dunes carving it up. Vendor row isn't going to be full like on the big weekend, but there may be a couple of vendors who show up. If your going out, be sure to post up a dune report or tag us on Instagram. Have fun and be safe. MLK weekend 2017, Instagram
  15. So there have been a few posts on our FB page today about the trampoline trash. Looks like it's almost cleaned up. Hopefully someone else can get rid of the rest. Thank you Jon Ford.
  16. It is getting a bit ridiculous. I like the swingset and the north/ south poles, but I have no idea why they have become a trash collection. Even the memorials don't belong there (ie: N.Pole). We have a Memorial Hill designated specifically for things like that. The shoes, old parts and riding gear, etc on the north pole need to go. I say we take a vote and clean it up on Cleanup weekend in addition to the janky ass trampoline that is probably going to fall apart out there.
  17. Looks good. Nice work. My front arms started to bend too. I added lower gussets to both.
  18. I already shared your FB post in the lost/ found section. Keep looking. He likely come around. Good luck!
  19. We got word of the Flight for Life helicopter landing on Friday. A friend of his reached out to us to let us know what happened. His buddy was in a turbo RZR that he just bought 3 weeks ago, but was an experienced duner. He let off a bit too early at the top of Comp and the RZR rolled 13 times down the dune. He suffered a broken arm in two places, major head swelling and a gouge to the right eye. Wishing him a speedy recovery! That sand sounds sketchy this weekend. It's wet and slick but grabs quick once you get down into it just a little bit. Photo from @Short Bus Ice Cream
  20. It's cold as hell in Vegas today. I bet those dune rides are chilly. Still better than being at work or home though! Thanks for the updates, Jodi.
  21. Awesome. Enjoy! I hope you get the parts you need for the buggy. Thanks for posting up!
  22. yep, it's back open and I updated the post. Thanks Gerald.
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