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  1. Less than a week away! I've been working like crazy prepping and getting ready. We should have some good weather, maybe even cooler than past years. Highs around 80 and overnight lows in the 40s! Every other year I remember it being well into the 90's during the day.
  2. We have a new sponsor that will be of great service to the duners. Rich in Baker has plenty of firewood for sale that you can pick up on your way to Dumont. Call or stop in. His place is on the left side of HWY 127 just as you leave Baker heading towards Dumont. 760-613-4600 57376 HWY 127 Baker, CA 92309 https://goo.gl/maps/EPHzwkfeYCuuUouz9
  3. Oh ok, I'm not sure why I read ONE Verizon. Derrr
  4. Thanks for the update. One only Verizon phone had service? That is weird.
  5. Yep! Not as much since they do the trunk or treat at vendor row, but we still got a decent amount of them at our camp the last couple years. People that like to go camp to camp the old skool way.
  6. From what I have seen posted across our social media, there still isn't service but one person with AT&T said they had service.
  7. I think one free business plug is enough. If you are interested in advertising packages that help support this website, feel free to contact me.
  8. dunefreak


    Man, I haven't seen E85 anywhere lately.
  9. You can always ride up Sperry Wash or hit the outskirts of the dunes. You'll be ringing that 125's neck out there in the sand especially with no paddle, but there's a little hard pack to have some fun. You can ride out to Little Dumont too. There's sandy/ dirt trails that lead out there.
  10. haha oh ok. Non-holiday is 90 though
  11. until
    It's one of the big ones, Presidents Weekend. We're not sure if the Jeep races (Jeep Jamboree) will take place yet, but stay tuned and I'll update this event as it gets closer.
  12. until
    Not a busy holiday weekend, but its a duner "holiday weekend".
  13. until
    New Years Eve is on Thursday night this year. Ring in the new year the first night and then dune the rest of the weekend.
  14. Latest updates are at the end of each of these posts...
  15. Plus this doesn't require you to fire up your generator and wake up everyone in camp. Thanks for sharing!
  16. Yes, BLM just staffed their office yesterday so everyone should be getting callbacks soon. Wait...holiday and non holiday same price? What price? I haven't heard of this.
  17. Congrats Rod. Click the MARK AS SOLD button at the top and it'll remove the post.
  18. I fixed the link. It was listed twice in the same URL. Should be good now. Thanks for the heads up.
  19. Yeah the office just now restaffed so calls and emails will be returned soon.
  20. Try sending him a message on here. It will email him.
  21. Should have just posted on the thread so people know what you're talking about. lol
  22. They do not. I saw one once in like 2007 and haven't seen one since.
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