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  1. WTF? Sacred water? And he was serious...and they believed him? A BLM ranger did this?
  2. Welcome to the site. Have fun and be careful out there!
  3. Another great weekend outdoors and maintaining 6 feet apart! lol
  4. Check with Kelly's RV. They sell out quickly, but they bring it out and set it up for you. Great people.
  5. Looks like towards camp. It's that little valley behind comp. I call it the half pipe area.
  6. According to some fellow duners, a sandrail with two male occupants (two brothers) was going up Comp Hill around midnight over the weekend of May 2-3. The driver must have misjudged the top and drove off the top. The sandrail crashed on the back side and landed upside down. One of the occupants suffered two broken legs. The younger brother pulled the older one out and they laid there until the next morning when help finally arrived. The male with broken legs underwent surgery and it expected to recover and walk again.
  7. Soooo what is everyone else been up to during these times?
  8. People think the virus doesn't apply to them. It's ridiculous. Many could have it and don't even know it, hence the reason for distancing in the first place. Keep us posted on your trip.
  9. Just curious how everyone is doing? What are you up to? I'm "essential" so I'm still working but we have shorter hours. It's kind of nice though since I get out early every day. More time to ride and enjoy this great weather. It's also allowed us to finish some house projects. I also finally upgraded some stuff on my buggy too. Here's some pics of what I have been up to. Buggy repairs at my buddy's shop Solo dual sport rides We took the Sprinter van through Titus Canyon in Death Valley Camped out at Trona Pinnacles Camped and rode Mojave Preserve with my woman
  10. Awesome. It was a great season for us as well. I'll have to post some faves as well.
  11. Holy crap! I know someone shared the pics/ story with us on IG. I'll see if I can figure out who that was and ask them.
  12. Awesome. NV or UT? You'll love it. Dumont is the best. Nice and flowy. Make sure you ride over to Little Dumontv too. It's small but worth the drive. Lots of fun!!
  13. There wasn't much crowd but there was a decent amount of people (for Easter) it seemed. Fees are still in place. No BLM from what I heard all weekend. No closures predicted any time soon. Here's a couple pics from Easter weekend from my buddies.
  14. I was gonna recommended a place but it's here in Vegas. Can't think of the name at the moment but I can try to find it.
  15. We decided not to go this weekend. Everyone stay safe and distanced from each other out there. Hopefully this will all be over soon.
  16. I wanted to share some better news than we've been hearing lately and that is this couple eloped at Dumont last weekend! Congratulations Cody & Hayley Gibson. Looks like they did it up right out there. Thank you for sharing with us, Hayley. Photography by Wandering West Photo.
  17. BLM did not mention anything about masks being required. Use caution around each other though. A mask wouldn't hurt.
  18. So since the weather is so nice and everything else in the world is cancelled, it looks like we're going to be headed out this weekend. Here is what you need to know if you are going out. BLM will be enforcing social distancing. Do not form large camps. Following the federal guidelines, limit your groups to 10 people or less. The BLM has already been getting calls from the environmentalists trying to get Johnson Valley OHV down because people are camping in big circles together and gathering close around the fire. The biggest thing we can stress is to maintain your distance from each other!! BLM states they will be forced to close down Dumont if the community does not cooperate with this guideline. Everyone NEEDS to make the effort to social distance. Avoid contact, practice the 6 foot rule and stay safe. Many of you can be carrying COVID-19 and don't even know it. Slow the spread of this virus and don't hug, shake hands or hang out in each others RVs. Maybe even wear face masks/ covers when in each other's areas. Keep surfaces clean and disinfected Just because you are out in the middle of nowhere, wipe frequently touched surfaces and door handles. Don't touch your face. Take It Easy This is not the time to be airing it out or hammering down. Just cruise and be extra cautious.
  19. People are out there now. Dumont is open and there are no plans to close for Easter as of now. This post and the website will be updated if anything changes. I don't know how else to stress that.
  20. Wow. That's awesome news!
  21. No but those are good
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