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  1. Just kidding. That's what @sandmandansaid when he sent me this pic of a film crew on the finger dune on Wednesday. Pretty cool! Gonna try to go get more pics. It's still over there, but they're wrapping it up today.
  2. We pulled in last night and had some cool, but nice weather. @sandmandan, @Josh Weber, Gary, and @tmerrell we're already here and set up for the weekend. We had some good laughs around the fire. Buggy Roundup is underway and looking great so far. There's probably only 5 other camps out here. The sand is a little damp but not wet. Should be a nice weekend!
  3. If anyone wants to donate ahead of time in order to get some raffle tickets, just use the donate link and print or show us the page from your phone how much you donated. You'll get a raffle ticket for every $5 donated or 5 for $20. We've got some cool stuff to give away. Cash is also accepted of course. I just wanted to give everyone an electronic method. https://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/donate/
  4. Perfect! Stoked to meet and see everyone. I'm starting to wonder if 200 tacos will be enough. LOL Might have to go back to Costco for more tortillas.
  5. Well if they don't RSVP, they ain't getting tacos! LOL I'm going off of what we have on the list for a headcount. Hopefully there's enough. I will be hitting the Mexican market tomorrow. Costco is already done. I think we're good on griddles. We have at least 3 large ones. Bring tables if you have any. They will help for places to eat.
  6. Sounds good! Glad to see so many first timers are making it this year.
  7. Mark your calendar for the next Dumont cleanup. It's Saturday March 14th, 2020. Details and banner to come as it gets closer.
  8. 3-14-20 Sorry, I'll get it on the calendar now
  9. I never heard from anyone over Thanksgiving whether or not the service was any better yet so we don't know if it kicked in just yet. I guess we'll find out this weekend.
  10. The weather forecast is looking stellar! https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USCA1133:1:US
  11. Time of year really doesn't seem to make any difference but in the past we haven't had any for Buggy Roundup.
  12. BTW, our Sunday Dumont tradition is champagne and/or mimosas so bring a bottle or three if you'd like to join in on that.
  13. It really depends what kind of riding you want to do and how far you want to drive. Duck Creek Utah has places you can stay & ride (in the summer) where there are tons of SxS trails.
  14. BTW, if you are going don't forget to click "GOING" on the event page. This helps me track how many people are showing up and how much food to buy for taco night!
  15. Heck yes there will be flipcup. Saturday's "schedule" will go something like this... Sandcars & Coffee: First thing you'll want to do when you wake up is to pull your car into the middle of camp at 8AM. Don't worry. We're not going anywhere for at least an hour or two when it warms up. We will supply & brew coffee for everyone. Please try to bring a box or package of donuts, bagels, or whatever to add to coffee. Grab a cup of coffee, meet some new faces, check out all the sandcars, etc. We'll do this until around 10AM. Morning dune run: group ride Buggy Weigh in: Ben will have his scales so we can weight some buggies again this year. Dumont / DDR/ buggy trivia: New for this year is trivia. We'll ask some trivia questions about the dunes, the website, buggies, etc. Winners will receive free tickets for the raffle later that night. More dune runs: we'll squeeze in a couple more dune runs hopefully one of them being a sunset ride. Taco night: We will provide pollo & carne asada tacos & chips/ salsa for everyone. Optional: If you have something you want add to the spread, please bring it. This and payment is not required though. A raffle: This year we have some Buggy Roundup swag and some raffle prizes to give away! Raffle tickets will be given out for donations to the website and food costs. Camp fire shenanigans/ATC races?/ and FLIPCUP
  16. It is a law at Dumont and they can cite people for it, however I don't think they do very often. I see it every holiday weekend no matter what machine these camp racers are on. Drives me nuts as well.
  17. Awesome. This year is shaping up pretty good. We may need a 3rd flattop gas griddle if anyone has one. It may help expedite the cooking. We're cooking up pollo & chopped carne asada. Oh and this is a no brainer, but FIREWOOD everyone.
  18. According to Dan he had just got there, went for a quick ride and misjudged a dune with the sun in his face on the way back to camp. The hook where his headsets hang is what caused the head injury.
  19. Looks like the weather kept most people away this year compared to the usual Thanksgiving crowd. Not much of a turnout.
  20. Oh yeah. Sandy will be there!
  21. We've got some cool Buggy Roundup swag to add to the raffle this year.
  22. dunefreak

    Friday Dumont

    Looks like that trampoline didn't last very long. LOL Thanks for the updates Dan.
  23. Beautiful chilly day today! Sand is wet, clumpy and tracked up. There's rain in the forecast for later this afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving!
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