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Buggy Roundup 11.5! (March 2024)

That's right we're doing it again! The group, as a whole, has decided that we have so much fun getting all the buggies together that we should have a second one this season. So we are rounding up all the buggies once again towards the end of the 23-24 season. It will be Easter weekend, March 29-31, 2024. Easter is never very busy so that shouldn't really change things. We will camp in the same area across from bathroom 10 and we will have the same format as previous Buggy Roundups. If you are new or haven't been to one in quite a while, this is a group trip for all buggy owners where we camp together and run the dunes together. It's a great opportunity to meet other buddy guys and girls and be part of the sandrail and dune community. So don't be a stranger. Put it on your calendar and show up with a fun attitude. 



Thursday: Get there early, meet the early arrivals and go make some tracks in the sand

Friday: Run the dunes and burn some fuel!

Saturday: 8AM-9:30 Sandcars & Coffee, 10AM group ride, (12PM lunch), 1PM raffle prizes, Rest of the day will be more duning finishing the last ride at sunset hill.

Saturday Night: group bonfire, dune videos on the big screen

Sunday: Pick the sand out of your ears, go for another morning dune run and then pack it up when you feel like it (or stay another day to enjoy Dumont some more) 



(If you have troubles logging in or can't figure it out, it's cool. Just show up)


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