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Dune Season Is Coming

As summer slowly crawls to an end, fall is not too far off. The mornings are getting cooler and the triple digits will no longer be lingering at Dumont. Before you know it, dune season will be here! The season generally starts mid to late October, depending on the weather and how anxious some duners get. Halloween weekend, Oct 27-28, is the official kickoff for the season and you'll want to make sure you are 100% ready. Here are a few pre-season tips for things that often get overlooked. 



RVs/ Toyhaulers

  • Test batteries and check water levels. Also, check your connections and cables
  • Run your generator for 30+ minutes and check it under a load. Make sure it is charging your batteries.
  • Turn on your fridge and make sure it works under both 12V and propane
  • Inspect tires for cracks or separations and replace if needed. Drive your RV or pull your trailer around town 10+ miles at highway speeds and check afterward.
  • check trailer suspension shackles for excessive wear. Removal of a nut may be required to see if the holes are stretched
  • Check and top off propane levels. Inspect those hoses for leaks.
  • Check all bulbs and electrical items to make sure everything is working properly
  • Stock up on necessary pantry items. Don't forget TP & holding tank chemical!
  • Wash sheets/ blankets

Don't forget that RV TP!



ATV's, Side x Sides, and Motorcycles

  • Test/ replace battery
  • clean air filter
  • fresh oil change and check all fluids
  • check and/or replace drive chains/sprockets or belt (RZR)
  • check and/or replace brake pads
  • Make sure all sand tires hold air. Air them up and recheck them after a few days. Add tire sealer if needed.
  • Make sure registration is up to date and you have a good flag ready to mount.
  • Check all lights. Don't get popped for a ticket at night for inoperative lights.


Polaris RZR battery upgrade




  • Test/replace battery. Is it fresh and good to go for the season? 
  • fresh oil change
  • clean and oil air filter
  • repack CVs
  • check (& change?) transmission fluid
  • bolt check entire car
  • check for oil or coolant leaks
  • inspect hoses and belts
  • check coolant level and fan operation
  • check brake fluid level and pads
  • check clutch operation
  • check shifter & linkage
  • check all lights
  • check tires and add sealer if needed
  • replace worn heims
  • inspect frame for cracks
  • verify current sticker or registration and you have a good flag ready to mount


Trans Fluid for Some Transaxles



Other Items Not to Forget About

  • Season pass. Passes will be available late-September. Call the BLM at 760-252-6000 to order or visit a participating dealer. Season passes are not available at Dumont.
  • Flags for all toys
  • stock up on firewood
  • beer

Don't Get Stuck!




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