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Truck Crashes in Dunes Requiring Rescue Thanksgiving Weekend

On Friday around 6:30 AM, a Blackhawk medevac was spotted hovering over Banshee Hill area. It stayed there for about 20-30 minutes before landing near an overturned truck.


During the early morning hours on Friday, the truck crashed and landed upside down in the dunes between Banshee Hill and the Superbowl. Around 4:00 A.M. the driver of the Blazer/ Tahoe managed to walk out of the dunes looking for help at the closest camp. He knocked on an RV door for help and those duners warmed him up and asked what was going on. They then rode into the dunes, found the truck and the passenger could not move. 911 was called and a medic helicopter arrived.


The passenger was extracted from the vehicle and airlifted out. There were reports of him not being able to feel his lower extremities. The truck was flipped back over and removed from the dunes. 


Update as of 11/27/2016


Kyle Bronson.jpg.jpg




On Thursday November 24th our dear friend Kyle Bronson was tragically injured in an accident at Dumont Dunes. They had to life flight him to Las Vegas where he is currently recovering from surgery. He had a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and severed his spinal cord. He has no feeling from his belly button down and isn't expected to walk again. He will be in Vegas rehabbing for many months. Once he is home modification will be required so it is handicap accessible. He will be unable to return to his current job which is a huge stress for him and his family. Kyle just recently proposed to his girlfriend April and their wedding is set for next January. Kyle is caring, selfless, and always has a smile on his face. He is a great friend and would do anything he could to help someone out. We would really appreciate any help so he and April can focus on his healing. Thank you and God Bless.



photos by Jodi Knight, Kyle Clark, and Adam Burnham.



15232320_10154576191858280_7483995177109069185_n.jpg 15253570_10154576192523280_8535935531346213509_n.jpg




Screenshot_20161125-080716.png Screenshot_20161125-080726.png

Photos by Cheryl Clark

15171174_1195166877204370_8729766325379097443_n.jpg 15170764_1195168280537563_4779468924957972869_n.jpg





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