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  1. I think there is more roads in need of repair other than a 3mile stretch of dirt road that is used 6 mos out of a year? And the fact that it will be a constant battle with removing the sand off a paved road constantly? go to the clean up on 3-19-22 Dumont is looking trashy. I went after Halloween weekend 2021 it was the worst mess I’ve ever seen. been going to Dumont since 1971. more and more I’m finding glass bottles in the dunes and cans.
  2. E0637BE1-1C01-4E8E-8564-A7B45FB42D8F.MOV B0A4C9C4-B1D2-4411-AB78-CDBB4C015462.MOV
  3. after Halloween Nov 7th, 2020 the foreground of this picture was full of trash, bottles, plastic cups, a SXS battery, I picked up 5 bags of trash before I took this picture.
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