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  1. Yes I do run dual Air Force flags on my Razor. I really enjoyed the weekend. The weather was perfect, a little busy but a great weekend all in all. Yes my wife was riding along with me when you saw us. PM me when you get the video done I would love to see it. Thanks for the comments.
  2. Actually those individuals are just of some very nice people that stopped by that night to watch the videos. My wife is actually the M&M and I am pictured with my sister in the photo below (I’ll let you guess which one was me :ohmy: ) I also came across of some other people who stopped by.
  3. I will be there Thursday night with the Wife. My Sister and her husband will arrive Friday night between 6p-8p then we will be playing music videos on side of our trailer (Hip Hop / Pop / Top 40) and will be showing the Michael Jackson thriller video Saturday night during Halloween, Plus handing out candy :hungry: All are welcome to stop by anytime Some pictures from last year’s Halloween…
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