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  1. Call/text me with questions. Located in LV 775-419-4341
  2. 30x11-14 front buff 30x12.5-14 9 paddle extreme rear MSA Clutch Wheels 4/156 bolt pattern Used 2-3 times, sold my car. $1700 or best offer. Get them before Presidents’ Day
  3. 2005 Weekend Warrior FS2300 Super Lite 1/2 Ton Towable! (1500 truck) -Brand new load range E tires ($500) with literally ZERO miles on them. -Redone interior (cabinets painted, upgraded flooring) -Fridge works great, A/C- Heat works great -Comes with Onan 4000 generator, low hours but has a leak (will explain). Can include Yamaha 2000 gen for the right price. -Axles flipped -Big enough shower for a 6’3+ individual -126” of cargo at 77” wide, will fit a 2 seat RZR with ease. Probably missing some stuff. Price is $11k or best offer, only selling because I am getting a
  4. Up for sale is my 2018 RZR XP1000. (I know the pics aren’t the greatest, if you’re interested let me know and I can take some better ones.) PRICE IS $20k OBO RUNS PERFECT ZERO ISSUES 3400 miles, mild desert and dunes riding All services done on time or before due. Still has warranty!! DBS Off Road Cage w/ rear bumper ALL WIRING RAN THROUGH CAGE Custom glass windshield Rear+Side view mirrors 4 point harnesses Fire extinguisher and mount Rear storage bag Center storage bag Sta
  5. I have called the office and left 5 voicemails in the past 2 months. I can confidently say they are not calling people back.
  6. We will be, as usual. Hoping to bring a couple friends new to the off roading world and even greener to the duning world!
  7. Hey everyone! When was the last time anyone was able to contact the Barstow Field Office? I've called multiple times in the last few months regarding the paperwork to possibly vend over Halloween weekend, and also the ability to start selling passes at a shop in LV. The recording says that everyone is still working from home, and to leave a message and someone will call you back (When? When everyone returns to work after the election? ) Pete, I know you have secret access to the office, could you see why they haven't been answering my calls, or maybe have them call me?
  8. We usually camp right next to the ranger's station between that and vendor's row. We used to camp near the fingers and it was like camping next to I-15. By the ranger's station, we don't see too many people fly by (EXCEPT FOR RANGERS GOING 30+ WITHOUT THEIR LIGHTS ON, 20 FEET FROM THE BACK OF MY TOY HAULER).
  9. All of this is great info! The paddles are not a necessity, I have an 18 XP1K and I've been duning a year without paddles. Run 4wd and keep your momentum and you will be fine.
  10. What needs to be done? I have a 2007 F250.
  11. Well, since no one has started this topic, I will! What day is everyone going out? What's everyone bringing? Any special Turkey Day plans? Going to Sand Hollow the weekend before Thanksgiving and then headed to Dumont Wednesday night/Thursday morning!
  12. We used banner buzz, an online company. We did the graphics and it came out awesome. Held up fantastic in the 40 mph Dumont winds! When I have time, I will post up a pic of the flag we designed.
  13. The girlfriend has a habit of grabbing on the top of the door on our RZR. I told her a story of a couple years back when we were sitting at Comp and saw a UTV roll all the way down the steep side. I can't remember if the passenger or the driver grabbed the roll cage but in doing so, actually lost all four fingers. Much time was spent climbing the side of Comp looking for the missing appendages. Needless to say, she's gotten better at grabbing the "grab handle" Dune safe people!
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