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    Sand Sprite IV with a dry sump 2332, Close 1-4 3.88 trans, CB Fuel injection and some other stuff...
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    Building house and working in the garage

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  1. Just curious if you ever figured out what the noise was.
  2. In the process of putting it back together so I can do a test run. The shifter is kicking my butt. Anyone out there in Dune land that knows anything about these temperamental shifters give me some clue as to how I can set the stupid thing up. I have called JaMar but have not heard back from them. I have an AJ speedshift shifter but I don't want to make a new rear hanger to make it work. I will as a last resort. Seems like no one has info on the Prowler shifter so that is a dead issue at this time.
  3. Yeah, That was back in the day. Thanks for the info. I had a ton of old Hot VW mag's from the 70 and 80's. I think my first Ex built a fire with them... lol I think this car was built for someone that was like 5 and a half foot tall. I had to move the pedals forward and just miss the pitman arm with the master fittings. And the cage is short to. That's going to get raised also.
  4. That's probably true. My brother had a 2 and it was a long cage. To bad prowlers went out of business. I haven't been able to find any info on any of them. Most of the III pics I see are still long and most of the IV have a whale tail. Who knows..
  5. This is what I started with. Taking it apart and the motor going in...
  6. I got a pretty good deal on a Sand Sprite IV buggy with body panels for Christmas. I have been working on it for the last 5 months trying to get it ready for this summer. So Far I have replaced everything... It had been sitting for best I can tell about 15 years. Built a new motor, 2332, with parts from CB. Added an oil cooler with fan and dry sump tank. Replaced all the wiring, it had THHN wire and Romex in it. New seats, switches and gauges. Replaced all the hydraulics for brakes and clutch including lines. Ended up replacing the hydraulic throttle with a control cable. Also change the drum brakes to JaMar 4 piston brakes. Replaced everything in the fuel system. Added a MSD 6AL. Have a fuel injection system for it also but going to try out the Webers to see if I was able to fix them first. New tires and wheels. It needed new or at least the original trailing arms. Was surprised to find Prowlers out of business. So I made new ones out of CM and heim joints. Trans too was bad. Think that is why it was parked, It lost a fulcrum plate and whipped out the diff and side gear. Still putting it together but looking for some help on the shifter. It came with a JaMar shifter that was seriously rusted. I was able to get it apart and revitalize it but when I took over the trans to Metal craft he made me a deal on a prowler shifter. I'm looking for any info on the darn thing. Pics of an installed shifter and tube would be cool. I have only seen one in person in the last 30 years. Would like to put it on for old time sake. I'm thinking that the JaMar will probably work but not sure about getting it all adjusted right will be fun. I also have a new AJ speed shifter for another project that I have been working on that I might use if I can't find any info on the Prowler one. Any help would be great. Google has been no help.
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