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Ron Watson

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    92 Chenowth mid-travel 4-seater, 2332ci VW
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    Azusa, CA
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  1. Ron Watson

    V6 Recomendations

    I currently have 2332cc Vdub in a mid travel Chenowth 4-seater that seems difficult (for me) to keep tuned. I have been thinking about going with an aluminum V6. I have an 091 bus trans and understand I'll need an adapter. Not really looking for max power, max reliability and a reasonable budget are more important. What should I look for? Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Ron Watson

    091 transaxle noise

    Actually not yet, but I've been doing other things (installing electric power steering). I will definitely post when the trans is fixed. Thanks for asking.
  3. Just got a universal 400W power steering kit for my Chenowth sand rail. SuperATV recommended I go with the 400W unit versus the 220W, because of my larger tires and extra weight, compared to a side by side. I have a Saco rack and pinion, but my steering is still a little heavy and can make my shoulders sore. I hope to have it all installed next week. Can't wait to see how it works. Anybody have any thoughts or things to watch out for?
  4. Ron Watson

    091 transaxle noise

    Last weekend I had my car out for the first time. After an hour or so of blast around in the desert, my car started making a clicking sound only in 1st gear and only when the clutch is out. When I push in the clutch, the noise seems to goes away. I know it "doesn't" do it in 2nd gear, but I shut it down right away when I heard the noise and didn't get into 3rd or 4th. Could it be something to do with the throw-out bearing or is it something wrong deeper in the trans? My clutch actuation is hydraulic and the pedal feels normal. BTW, I have an 091 bus trans with a 2332cc VW. Thanks for any help.
  5. Ron Watson

    Looking for a Chenowth Monogram Front Bumper

    Thank you, I'll check them out.
  6. I'm pretty sure this is a long shot, but I would like to find a Chenowth Monogram Front Bumper. Anybody know where to find one?
  7. Ron Watson

    Front wheels

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  8. Ron Watson

    Front wheels

    My car does not have front brakes however the front wheels are mounted to stock drums. My question is, can I chuck the drums up in a lathe and cut the outer drum off? Will I have enough strength to safely keep front wheels on? You can kind of see the current set up in this picture Thanks for any input, Ron