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  1. Rats! I thought I was posting this to the buy/sell thread.....Sorry......Maybe someone can help me to put this add where it goes...…??
  2. I have two of the cleanest Polaris Predators, they are the 500cc models. Both have reverse. The one with the Black Alba Racing Nerf Bars is a 2006 and the other with the crome Alba Racing Nerf Bars is the 2005. Both have been used very little by my Wife and I. Both have new Nerf Bars, carburetors, pet-c*cks, fuel filters, AT tires (8) with 98% tread, Douglas aluminum wheels (4), AMS Sidewinder AT 20x11-9 Paddle tires (4) with 98% tread and the 05' has a new battery. Both these ATV's start right up and are running and working perfect. I think these are worth $3000 each if you want just one. Buy the pair and I'll knock $500 bucks off that. $5,500 for both or $3,000 for one. The pictures show how good of shape these are in. I didn't put anything on the plastics, tires or wheels. They are in Great shape, ready for the trails or the dunes. Call with any questions. I'll fire them up so you can hear them while on the phone. I do live in Pahrump so it's the least I can do to let you hear how good they run. Tim 775-513-0521
  3. I can't seem to find away to comment so the next best thing is to just be there.....Please provide me with suggested comments so I don't miss any points we want to put into the record.
  4. I will check the BLM Website to see if there is away to comment. If we don't get our opposition to this it will happen in all of our communities. How many people will it take for the BLM to take note and leave things as they are. Tecopa residents can change the rules for their streets......Leave our Trails Alone....…..
  5. I'm not seeing any response on this end....Have I missed something? I can't believe that there isn't a thousand people that use these trails and want to at the least contribute their opinion to keep our trails open. If this closure is allowed it can't be overturned. We need to stand up and be the voice to keep all OHV open in every state across our Country. Am I the only one that wants to fight for our right to Ride? Thoughts?
  6. Good job Pete and thank you for getting us all back on this site and for all you have done over the years to create and maintain it. I have a question for the DDR's....I know there has been ATV, UTV, Motorcycle, Jeep, Crawlers and Sand Car drags whether on the flats or the hills but has there ever been any events similar to Motocross on the sand? So in other words, a marked path that goes over, up, down and around the dunes for a single motorcycle, atv, utv or anything else. I envision this to be a timed event that has one person at a time on the course. Has there ever been an event like this at Dumont? Thoughts? Ideas? Lets call it "Sand Cross"
  7. How about now....any news on the towers completion?
  8. Great. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Only now have I seen the location of where the new tower will be located, primarily because we typically spend our visits at the Little Dunes side and it makes me think that there won't be any benefit to the cell service signal at the little dune side. Thoughts? However I'm very happy to see progress with the new tower where ever it is located.
  10. Safely pegging the Fun Meter!

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