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AirMedCare Network/REACH

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  1. Look forward to seeing you and everyone else. REACH Air Medical Services/AirMedCare Network will be out as well. Membership Matters.
  2. Given the new orders are Vending and Camping going to be allowed?
  3. Pete, I am of the same opinion, In the mean time y'all have fun and stay safe this weekend!! Hopefully by Thanksgiving we'll have it all worked out. Thank you again sir!
  4. So if I have not received my approval yet, am I to understand there would be no point in my coming out just yet?
  5. My apologies sir, no ill will intended. Thank you for the heads up and I appreciate your feedback. I am interested in helping to support y'all. If you can send information that I can pass on to my area director I would love that. You can send that to me david.stumbaugh@gmr.net
  6. Finally spoke to Cecilia Franklin and awaiting approval of our vendor permit. I hope to see all of you Halloween weekend.
  7. Ok, So I am getting conflicting information with regards to Vendors being able to set up. I am unable to get ahold of Barstow BLM, have tried for weeks with numerous phone calls and email with ZERO response. Can you shed some light?
  8. I have called almost every day and have had zero response. Emailed as well, and no response.
  9. Applying now to BLM for vendor permit, and plan on being out for Halloween weekend and Major Holidays that are forthcoming. AirMedCare Network is the largest Air Ambulance membership program in the United States. Locally most of you will recognize us as REACH Air Medical Services. Our membership program eliminates the cost of a flight when flown by any of our over 320 network providers across 38 states. Membership starts at $65 a year covering your entire household. You don't have to be a member to be flown by us, membership simply eliminates the cost. We have partnerships with ASA, CORVA, Cal4Wheel, AMA, and countless others.
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