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    #3 Wheaties sand car, crf450x, jeep t.j.
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  1.  Do you have an idea of where abouts? headn out this weekend we'll keep an eye out🧐

    1. himan5two@gmail.com


      Anywhere from the North Pole heading through all the whoops to Camp Hill Or by vendor rohe

  2. Looks like it was a blast, we're headn out thur. a.m. for the first trip. Bringing candy out for kids that didnt make it last weekend.
  3.    Sandrift and the saggy bottom bunch this weekend and bringing candy for kids that didnt make last weekend🤙

  4. I know, but didn't see the dates until after my group set the first trip. Our loss, but we'll still have candy for any kids that didn't make it out this weekend. Hope others do the same.
  5. I would love to go, but slammed with work. By the time I got there the meeting would be over. Is there another way to be heard? I would be there in a heart beat if it was in barstow, but so would others and thats probably why its out there. But I will try!
  6. I always thought it would be cool to have a drag for the first one to go in and the last to leave, but it would be hard to stop and hook-up when your so close
  7. Way cool, thanks for the info. Did all the final checks and repairs, loaded the fire wood this weekend. Now the hard part, waitn for the Oct. 31. This is where the kids and wife say I go nuts waitn, they say I finish too early and itch to do prep. But it's all done
  8. I don't know anyone in Vegas, was hopn there was a place off the 10 in the high desert or baker. I use to be able to get in Redlands, but their gone now.
  9. Just asking if anyone knows where you can pick up 110 octane fuel between Yucaipa and Dumont? Never had the need until I turboed up my subi and I like to do a 1 to 4 mix, just to keep it clean.
  10. The same thing as this weekend, getn buggy's, trailer's and moho's finished and loaded for the first trip of the season to dumont.
  11. Started to set this up a year and never finished, but hopefully it's done now. I can build and fab cars all day long, but have a hard time turning on the computer let a lone setn a profile🤣. Should've had the kids do it.

           Hopn to throw up some pics in 2 weeks🤙

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