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  1. Found silver iphone S, battery dead won't turn on, near a pile of beer cans, owner likes Modelo. We picked up trash & phone.
  2. The road was a solid B- on Wednesday, at 15mph.
  3. So it appears that the road on Friday was a D and after Halloween its probably a F-. Normally I only do about 15 down the road, but I'm thinking its gonna be 3.
  4. We're heading out this weekend, so we'll keep an eye out
  5. We're going this weekend, so we'll keep an eye out
  6. We're going this weekend, so we'll keep an eye out
  7. And after what I saw at Halloween its gonna be rough
  8. We quit going on holidays because of that reason, i wanna have fun not worrie about newbies or people that don't follow the dunner code. I do miss more cars to drag with, but not worth the headache.
  9. Headn out next weekend are the kiosks working now?
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