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  1. I hate to say it (actually I don't), that ever since the Mexican Population has increased at the dunes (esp. Halloween) so has the TRASH LEFT BEHIND, definitely sh!t Mariachi music blasting at all hours, and WAY too many Mexican flags. This is the United States, if you come here and reap the rewards you should have the couth to fly the red white and blue!!!! Oh yeah also SPEAK ENGLISH, and listen to music with English lyrics!!!!!
  2. It was down over Presidents Day weekend. Is it fixed yet?
  3. dunefreak, I wanted to ask you how crowded it is so far, especially around bathroom 9? Do you think it is going to be another sh*t show like Halloween was, in large part because of the Fking mariachi invasion? Thanks in advance!!!!!
  4. If you don't mind, can I check the weather conditions several hours before I head out?
  5. sandmandan, are you going to be out there for the next couple of days? I was thinking of heading out tomorrow or Wednesday morning, and would prefer a first hand account instead of relying on the weather services.
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