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    John green
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    95 toy 4runner, v6 5speed,4.88 on33s, 94' 3.8l GM front wheel drive, repositioned to the rear, linkpin front end. Have a OEM stuffer for the future. About 50% complete.
    79' Dodge Ram 4x4, 360ci, 4speed with Grandma, NP 203 on 33s, 3.73s
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  1. Looks like youre the go to guy? Anyway im looking for some poor lad that has a sidewinder 3.8L GM fwd or equevilante, that has transposed it to rwd. Thought you might know. Thanks. Heres sand in your eyes

    1. dunefreak


      Hi there. Sorry I am not the go-to guy for that. :think: :laughing: 

      Try posting in sandrail talk. 



  2. Anyone out there have, or have had a 3.8L GM sidewinder fwd, moved to the rear with the steering locked or blocked? Hit me up on do,s and donuts☺

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