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  1. Correct. Helmets are NOT required for any Sand Rails, Sand Cars, Buggies or such type vehicles. SxS's, UTV's and ROHV's are the OHV Classification that the 1000cc law applies to, not Buggies.
  2. Crusty

    V6 Recomendations

    Not a V6, but a really good power update to what you currently have and won't stress out your chassis, trans, etc...
  3. Crusty

    V6 Recomendations

    Check out this complete ECOTEC package for $3,600 I have no affiliation with the seller, its just another board I am on (Hope that is ok to post here). https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/forums/topic/359943-24-ecotec-supercharged-engine-package/ Call Don ( Nine4nine) 4threethree-07two9 Good luck with the search!
  4. Crusty

    What's new for you next season?

    Kasea 90 Quad and Kasea 90 (Big Bore 100cc, Big Carb, Exhaust, Clutch work, etc).
  5. Crusty

    What's new for you next season?

    Some good looking setups in here....buncha people are gonna have a killer season...
  6. Crusty

    whip requirements

    Nope, we have literally grabbed an ATV whip/flag off a Quad, zip tied it to the rear bed post (Whatever the hole is named) and were good to go. Drive slow and careful, nothing worse then breaking down your tow rig that gets you back home.
  7. Crusty

    People with fireworks 10/7/18

  8. Crusty

    Idaho dunes trip 2018

    One of the better videos I have seen in a long time...
  9. Crusty


    Excellent visual Pete. Correct, the only laws for kids to ride quads are ability to reach and operate all controls and be directly supervised by an adult (Kid or Adult must have taken the AT Safety course). As long as the kid can reach the foot pegs and hand controls with ease...no issues. The ATV Safety Cert, they don't check for often unless they see your kid zipping round and no parent in sight, that's when they will roll up and start giving tickets. Watching your kid ride around camp from inside the trailer or motorhome doesn't count...LOL
  10. Crusty

    October Dune Pic of the Month

  11. Correct, you can take out the two individual seats and place a bench......but having a third person in the middle where the mfg did not have a seat before...against law on 2014 or newer models.
  12. Almost ready for the season...

  13. If it is a model 2013 or Older....you are ok. Anything 2014 and Newer...you will get a ticket.
  14. Crusty

    Hayabusa engine in teryx

    That is a VERY nicely modified Funco Teryx, I can understand the desire to get more out of it.... ..however, you would be ahead of the game to sell it now and buy a newer machine with a turbo.
  15. Crusty

    2005 Dual Sport Sandrail

    No Price listed, is Enclosed trailer for sale as well?