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  1. The updates sound well thought out, I like what you have planned. While I don't post a ton...I read the site daily.
  2. Sounds awesome. I really need to drag my ass out there sooner then later.
  3. Keep doing, what yore doing...
  4. Yes, you can feel it in the early mornings.....so close...almost time. Any trips will be short ones or mid-week for me this season, but that's better then the alternative.
  5. There is a VIBE in Dumont. You guy from ultra Chill to Mega Thrill just 5 mins outta camp. Camps are mellow and fun at night, we always get visitors from next door etc, have beers, chat and such. Never had a bad camping experience in the D. Riding is EPIC, but be on your toes, Razors edge bite hard if they catch you slipping. Watching my kids have a blast in the mall duns and going to the historical site are great fun for them and me. I will go to Dumont anytime I can, there are never any "Ugh, maybe not THIS weekend because it's X,Y, or Z weekend.".
  6. I saw it last week and thought the site was down for good. That DNS Message is what happens when websites go away for good....Glad you guys are still here!
  7. Has anyone ever taken items home at the end of season to only return them later? Perhaps just wishful thinking...
  8. I know a few folks that had them and most problems were minor things. None of them ever burned up like a RZR either
  9. Sucks to hear, some people suck.
  10. I ALWAYS enjoy reading trip reports after a weekend of Dunes....thanks guys for sharing your stories.
  11. Good luck, lots of good people here...hope somebody has your phone
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