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  1. Good write up, hope you get the motor sorted out for SA
  2. Most Pismo Regulars are from the Central Valley - Remember "Richard Cheese" Jason?....Pismo folks will simply come to Dumont. Glamis is too far for most. We already see a bunch of newbs at Gorman aka Hungry Valley OHV ...SxS Explosion has brought ALLOT of new folks out riding.
  3. Rest in Peace Mr. Lugoaceves - My condolences to your family and friends. Stay Safe, things get dangerous after hours and late at night.
  4. Wait, wait....wait. She's NOT REAL! .....
  5. Essential in Telecom Industry, supporting the large Healthcare Providers....COVID-19 has us doing 10-12 hour days and On-Call at all times. Can't wait so some regularity to take advantage of kids being out of school and get away for some time out on the trails.
  6. Smart move IMHO. We ALL wanna be out there....but gotta play it safe next couple weeks is best practice.
  7. The BEST information I have rad anywhere on the internet Pete. Concise and Clear.
  8. This is the route to take from Los Angeles, it will take you about 4 hours without traffic.
  9. Great news, glad your pup was found.
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