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  1. yep Jeff Kalb. we always went to the dunes and shared camps
  2. Nice write-up, I've been toying with adding panels on my fifth wheel since we mostly camp in remote areas. Just hesitant to drill in my roof lol
  3. Thanks! Couple of my favorite pics from back then, me and my buddy in his Sandcar launched it off the superbowl and my old LTR450
  4. So me and the family haven't been to Dumont in almost 10 years. Stopped going back when the economy tanked, my daughter was only 6 months old. Well she's 10 now and wants to check it out, having seen all our old pics. We always used to camp around bathroom 8 with a big group but will be coming out this weekend solo. We have a 36' Fifth wheel and will just be bringing our Jeep to cruise around. We had planned to come for Halloween but i decided to go on not such a busy weekend. So my question is, wheres the best place to camp and not worry about getting stuck? need some hard pack with this big heavy trailer, don't want to get in the soft stuff. Is the area around 12 still pretty hard sand? Some of my friends that still go regularly suggested the baby dunes but seems kinda far. Any help is appreciated.
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