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  1. Got some word on AT&T, unfortunately not going to be online until closer to July 2020, maybe a little earlier if things line up, but definitely not before 2020. Also, since AT&T provides the backhaul for all of the carriers, I wouldn't expect the other carriers online much sooner. Also, I'm not an official spokesman.
  2. I work for AT&T and have been watching for this site to come online, and unfortunately, I don't see anything imminent. If it is online for Thanksgiving I'd be really surprised. Unfortunately the reality is that it can take as long as 2 years to bring a cell site online. Another thing to manage expectations for all carriers is that this site is likely going to be served by a microwave shot to another site and microwave sites have nowhere close to the bandwidth that sites served by fiber have. So on a busy weekend, you may finally have a signal, but when everyone is trying to watch netflix/youtube/etc on their phones and in their RV's, the experience could be pretty poor. Don't mean to be a downer, I hope I'm wrong. See you around thanksgiving week.
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