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  1. Hi, I'm heading out for a 5 day trip and a few of my friends want to ride some dirt without paddles one day. Are there any good areas around dumont area to ride a dirt bike? Thanks, Tom
  2. When we were there tues thru Thur very few people here’s a pic of one of our explore rides so fun it was my first time here will definitely come back.we camped around C8 Tom
  3. Yes I was there on Tuesday and it was working. Tom
  4. Nevada, been watching tons of you tube videos looks real flowy and fun..
  5. Looks awesome can’t wait to get there tomorrow. First time to Dumont usually ride sand mountain.
  6. Just checking how the conditions Were and how crowded it was for the Easter weekend out at the dunes. I’m heading out there tomorrow. Are the fees still in place? Tom
  7. Has anybody been at Dumont lately? Just checking if still open. thanks Tom
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