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  1. New here! I grew up going to Dumont in the 90's and probably my best memories are in the dunes I moved out of state for a LONG time and have just moved back to CA. I'm itching to get back to the dunes. I always had quads so that was the first thing I contemplated getting. Just moving back and making new friends....I currently have zero friends that are into dune riding. So I thought it may be better if I got a side by side so I can twist someones arm to come with me HAHA. I've been recommended to get a CanAm 1000 by a trail riding friend. Would you recommend this? Something different? I don't want to spend an arm AND a leg lol and I don't need the fastest on the hill. But I do want something I can have fun with and has enough power when having two people riding. I'd also need something somewhat reliable as I'm not super mechanical. Thanks for any suggestions! So looking forward to getting back out there Oh and if anyone wants a new friend for a tag along, let me know
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