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New here!  I grew up going to Dumont in the 90's and probably my best memories are in the dunes :)  I moved out of state for a LONG time and have just moved back to CA.  I'm itching to get back to the dunes.  I always had quads so that was the first thing I contemplated getting.  Just moving back and making new friends....I currently have zero friends that are into dune riding.  So I thought it may be better if I got a side by side so I can twist someones arm to come with me HAHA.  I've been recommended to get a CanAm 1000 by a trail riding friend.  Would you recommend this? Something different?  I don't want to spend an arm AND a leg lol and I don't need the fastest on the hill.  But I do want something I can have fun with and has enough power when having two people riding.  I'd also need something somewhat reliable as I'm not super mechanical.  Thanks for any suggestions! So looking forward to getting back out there :)  Oh and if anyone wants a new friend for a tag along, let me know :D 

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I would lean towards the Yamaha good all-around vehicle but you don't have belt issues and I have a turbo RZR but the Yamaha seems like less maintenance less breakage may not be the fastest in stock form what does everything it should and from what I see they don't hurt the pocketbook much

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Quads are a blast as long as you are there first after a wind cleans things up. I have a can-am x3rs for the kids but they still prefer their quads unless its REALLY beat up. Any of the major mfgs side by sides are good, if going 4 seat and or strictly sand I'd get something with a factory turbo. As mentioned the Yamahas are a good choice but you have to drive them like a 2 stroke and lot of guys end up modding the gearing to suite their needs. 

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I checked out many side by sides and all of them make some nice ones. I ended up getting a Yamaha YXZ1000R SS XT-R. I like the reviews on it and I also like using the paddle shifters (no clutch). It feels so much like driving a go-cart in a way. The 1000 cc has plenty of power for the dunes. I used to have a big V8 sandrail and also quads and am getting back into duning after about a 5 year lay off. I can't wait to get back to Dumont.

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