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  1. POST SOME PICS. I saw the ad on CraigsList, But HAVE to see some pics ! !
  2. Make NO mistake that set up is frikken cool. The 3 seater rages and the cage looks SIK ! !
  3. Took the Rhino out for its first hard run Halloween weekend since the engine mods were installed (see my signature below). I've had it out a few times for break in and such, but this was the first real run in the dunes. Here is the problem: When I would get on the gas on an incline (up inthe dunes) the carb starves for fuel, bogs and dies. It bugged the crap out of me. Doesnt happen in the flats or in the small dunes. I changed the fuel filter out (which was very badly needed) and it helped a little, but not nearly enough. I never had this problem when I was just running pipes, CDI and a drop in K&N. I am thinking that I need a high flow fuel pump to keep up with the new high performance carb, big bore, full larger air intake and clutch mods. Anyone else had similar problems with these or similar mods? The funny thing is that I asked the guy who did the mods (Tantrum Motorsports in Lake Havasu) if he thought I would need one and he said no, he thought it would be fine. Funny for a $65 part, he wouldnt play it safe and install, especially if I asked for it. Giving him the chance to bill me for install, etc. I am going to do it anyway, just to be safe, but I would like other input in case its something else that I need to fix before Thanksgiving. THX ! !
  4. Of course. But then he puts my 150# bro in law on it and then I have to catch him at the top. Nice huh??
  5. I rented a RZR-S over the Halloween weekend for an hour ($100) from a guy on Vendor road. He gave me his card so I doubt that he'll mind posting info here. Blowin' Sand Sandrail Rental and Sales Office 702-463-0723 cell 702-812-6001 email: dstotts2@yahoo.com
  6. Its a 170cc. Should be pretty cool for the kids IF it can get out of its own way.
  7. Just got back from Dumont for Halloween weekend. There is a guy on Vendor Row renting RZR-S's for $100 an hour. So I rent one for an hour, to see what they are about. I just have to say. UN--Freakin--BELIEVABLE ! ! ! :ah: I gets back to camp to show the peeps and all the guys are gone on a quad ride. Rather than jump on the Rappy to catch them and waste my hour. I chase them down on the RZR-S. Fall into line and run the whole way right with them. We trail ride pretty hard and fast, aggressive like. I couldnt believe that a SxS could possibly run with us. I even passed a couple of the slower guys. All in all. I was BLOWN AWAY at the way it handled in the dunes. I ride my Rhino all over too, but its slower(even with the mods), heavier and takes some work to get her there. Not so on the RZR-S. Im selling a couple of machines and getting one. I'll have it before the Thanksgiving holiday.
  8. Plug and Play at this stage, in the PIM (which installs permanently in the space where the owners manual goes) there are 2 pre-programmed maps. Stock airbox lid removed, full yoshi pipe with spark restor removed and sparl arrestor in place. We left it in place (for now). This is all you need for now. Raped APE up and down the cul de sac yesterday and today. :ah: When we install the K&N Full Intake, we will plug in and utilize the the programmer (looks to be the easiest to program that I have seen). Select low, mid or top end, ajdust the amount of fuel you need to run right its a plus (+) or a minus (-) situation. Seems VERY easy, exspecially compared to the PCIII that I have. No laptop to connect, etc. Connect it, adjust the curves, unplug it, test run, hook up to adjust etc. Seems very easy and again, the fastest stock (ish) Raptor 700 I have EVER ridden. My kids coming up in age and will be ready to inherit mine soon. I will likely go with the YOSHI set up when I buy my new 2010 (assuming the rappy is still the big dog) ! ! !
  9. I just installed the full Yoshi combo on my Dad's 2008 Raptor 700. Full pipe, PIM and Programmer. Thus far, its the stock air cleaner with the lid off. A K&N Velocity intake will be installed at Dumont this weekend. Its by far the fastest (basically stock) Raptor 700 I have ever ridden. I cant wait to see this thing against mine (and all my brothers) this weekend. I am shocked and awed at the total package and the response. WOW. Just FYI and for comparison, I run the Intake, LTE Duals and the PCIII programmer. Dang, I thought I was the Big Dog.
  10. Just got a text from my guy at RapeNow. The a-holes wont drop below $16,000 even now, even after documented quotes from 3 other dealers. Sit on them then. see if I care.
  11. I am from Las Vegas (born and bred). Looks like its going to be close. I think that the total combined length is right at 70 feet. I will check out the endorsement R requirements. Thanks a ton.
  12. We talked to JR, but he said that everything they have coming in is sold for at least 3 weeks.
  13. Hello all. As background info: I pull a 2006 Weekend Warrior 4005 5th Wheel with my lifted 2006 Ford F350 Crew Cab/Short box. I was considering the next purchase (a RZR S) and of course, I dont have enough room for the toys I have. At the moment, the only way I can haul my stuff is to put the Rhino (with 2" spacers and deep offset ITPs) in the Kitchen and close the living room slider after the Rhinos tied down then stack the quads to the back. This poses 2 problems. (1), I cant go long travel on the Rhino, because it wont fit between the wall and the closed slider and (2) without getting rid of some stuff, Obviously, I cant even think about another SxS. (My wife refuses to pull a trailer, so a second pull rig is out of the question) I have seen a number of 5th wheels on the road with a hitch installed and pulling another smaller trailer behind it. If I do this, It solves all of the above problems. I already have a small single axle 12' Big Tex trailer that would work perfectly. I could put the Rhino (with new LT of course) in the little trailer and load the rest in the WW. QUESTIONS: Does anyone on the DDR forums do this regularly? How well does it work? Is this setup tough to pull? Are there any funky governmental licensing requirements (doubles endorsement, etc) or length limitations in play here?? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. Specifically, why? What are the benefits, do they apply to the 09 RZRS ? and what are the costs associated? Thanks.
  15. Rapenow MS just turned down $15,500 out the door from my Dad. :clown: Had the cash in hand. . . . They're frikkin fools in this economy. Sales guy was pissed and looking for a new job. Looks like im shopping in Ohio. $300 less than MSRP, course even with shipping costs its miles cheaper the Azz' at RN.
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