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  1. Hello Dumont Dune Riders! It’s time to gear up for the 22-23 dune season! Most of you already know Jericho Specialties is your #1 source for flags whips and mounts. We offer the highest quality components at a price nobody can beat. We are fully stocked with .50” poles; 360 degree rotating flag mounts; quick releases; roll bar mounts; and the largest selection of flags. All these items will be available on Vendor’s Row Halloween weekend, and of course anytime on our website https://www.jerichospecialties.com/store/c23/Fiberglass-Pole-Flag-Mount-Quick-Release The quick release and 360 degree flag mounts are all MADE IN THE USA in a local machine shop by local Dune Riders. Be safe, We’ll see you at the dunes! Team, JS
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