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  1. Yeah, I Usualy do it on the long strait away at pismo when your working your way to Comp Hill.
  2. Ok Thanks. I wasnt useing the brake but i will make sure to.
  3. Im Rideing a 350 Raptor. And thanks Cole. I tryed it at pismo this past thanks giveing. it took a while.. but i did one, wasnt for long, but im still working on it. Thanks again.
  4. Well hey everyone its me again, Well i got some questions for all your quad pro's on how the hell you wheelie lol.. Im an ok rider, Never tried to wheelie. First off i would like to say i know im spelling it wronge so yeah correct me lol.. Well im 15 and im only about 140 pounds, Im not very heavy so wheeling is a little umm.. hard? i was just wondering if you guys could give me any tips or explain it to me or... if im missing something lol...
  5. KingLyfe™


    Holly hell man, These Kids are dead.
  6. Wow Thats Savage! Suprised he's Ok
  7. Holly Hell, man, He Got Smacked Lol. You Could even here the sound. Serves Him right, He will know to stay out of the way next time.
  8. Wow That Really Sucks, Ill make sure non of my friends leave there garage door opens in there vehicals. Well anyways thanks for the warning mate
  9. Wow, Sweet Cart. Hope you get what you want for it, Well Yeah It Looks Sweet.
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