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  1. Dont let this keep you from BUYING out of state. This process/headache has been around california for YEARS... some simple homework would have preparred you for the battle you were about to take on. GD.com here and a few other places have hundreds of posts/threads regarding this exact subject. Its not new... and has nothing to do with buying an untitled car. It has everything to do with California be stupid.
  2. Ill be there . Might come out Friday afterwork or bright and early saturday am through sunday
  3. I have a freaking bowling tourney that weekend. Damnit..
  4. Quest, Red Flatbed and Buggy loaded all wrong. Potosi adventure we will never forget!
  5. Yep... Exactly how I felt when I found it!
  6. So @dunefreak I figured out the issue with my bike and why I couldn't turn worth a sh*t! Checking everything. Bearings, brakes, bar position and just a full once over. Pulled the front wheel off and went why was I able to squeeze that tire so easy. Ahhhhh fk I never checked the front tire air pressure. Checked the rear but straight up forgot the front. Was rolling on a flat front all day like a n00b!!!!! Dee Dee deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  7. Even if it was only a day trip. MAN it felt great to have my 2 wheels back in the sand
  8. Trust me not my exact idea of a good time. But when its the kids birthday month (10-12 and 10-29)... The kids kinda trump me in October.
  9. I'm trying to be back to sneak something out of that weekend. But was trying to see if anyone else was going early so I can get some seat time in :)
  10. Anyone headed out the weekend of 10-19? My halloween weekend has been interrupted by a trip with the kids to legoland for halloween. So I was thinking about going earlier. Didnt know if anyone was going I could hang out with? Riding alone after a 6 year hiatus wouldn't exactly be smart
  11. If you have any questions Dunefreak and Eyeball will answer all your RV questions. 200k motorhome... SSSS Special. 50k! Lets do this!
  12. is it too late for me to come back and play in the sand box? . on the hunt for new bikes for me and the boys and some kind of living facility..... I miss the sand!
  13. Stubby winters quick change w/ 934's and a power glide. Drive shaft length can be a bit of a challenge depending on motor placement. The narrow quick change has been used in the V8 Rails and ive seen a few others adapted to it in a Desert Dynamics chassis and a few others. Definitely Doable. If your going to keep it rear engine/mid engine like the old paradigm and Dunntech cars then go LS1 and with Jeff Fields Auto (If hes still around) they were based off an audi transaxle if I remember right.
  14. I bout sh*t myself when I ready this! Give this one a shot Vic. Should be easy to navigate! DDR! <---- Click that guy
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