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  1. I just went and picked up the book, if your GCWR exceed 26,000lbs you need a non commercial class A. So my door sticker says gvwr is 13,000lbs, my trailer says 13,500lbs =26,500lbs. Also the lady stated they are no longer giving out books to study, once they are out that's it.
  2. This all sucks and it's getting worse, if you park outside leave nothing inside the auto including I.D. or paper work with your info on it. In the house take your wallet keys with you at night or hide them in a safe place as I have heard people brake in take the keys then the car and what ever else they want. I found talking to neighbors and getting them all to leave outside light on ALL night helps alot. Three months ago I cought two spanish dudes breaking into my neighbors new Dodge cummings truck at 3:30 am as I was going to work and I tried to run them down but they jumped into a silver mustang wating for them and my 6.0 PSD just could'nt keep up and they got away. After metro got there and left I then noticed how dark my street was, I was the only house with lights on and after that I made rounds talking to all the neighbors and finding out six cars and one house had been broken into in the last six months. My house is less then two years old and entire neighborhood is only four years old and I live in the Northwest. I never had this problem in spring valley but times are changing.
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