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  1. For sale with actuator $600
  2. Does California recognize Arizonas OHV sticker? Like in my case RZRs registered Licensed in Arizona with a Arizona OHV sticker on the plate. Do I still need Ca OHV sticker?
  3. we will be out for the opener....
  4. Here's a pic. Hey big dave its the green and black one.
  5. A friend of mine said he got pulled over because his trailer fit the descrition of another trailer that was reported as hauling Mass Fire Arms across county line's. WTF ever. Then they proceed to write him a grip of tickets such as overweight trailer no class C Lic. Empty beer cans in a trash bag on his trailer which they considered open containers, give me a break. Tinted window on his tow vehicle, and more totaling out to $7K in tickets. Anyone else run into these clowns? Sounds like there trying to stop all acess threw Tecopa to get to Dumont. I heard they were going to start targeting Tecopa really hard for Dunners. But this is just to much. I can see you break the law fine you desrve a ticket but this is horse S*%!. This guy is in no way a Violater and they tore his whole trailer apart looking for whatever they could ticket him on. I meen go threw his trash bags, how hard up are you guys target the real criminals?
  6. Looks like the dirty gang will be leaving Wed & Thursd.
  7. Here's a few pics it was quite dunes were smooth.
  8. Those are mandatory I would like to know as well.
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