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susans leopard

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  1. susans leopard

    V8rail Build

    is anyone interested in a v 8 rail I have
  2. susans leopard

    v8 rail for sale 4 seater

    2003 v8 rail like new, if your interested. e mail me jsscan1925@aol.com 40,000 4 seater
  3. susans leopard


  4. susans leopard

    v8 rail for sale

    well put pictures later . if anyones seen me at the dunes, it has big leopards cat eyes on the side.. front engine , 4 seater . very stable, great for familys . it rides like a cadallic. triple shocks ,head phones. cb radio and a mp3 player. the 3 speed automatic with a quick change rear end.. under frame lights. motor was rebuilt in 2010 .has 500 horspower it uses race fuel.. havent had time to go since then. roll cage has strong suport for roll over like a race car.. 702 278-3768