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  1. here’s some video of this car in the dunes
  2. We have had it out to the dunes at New Years, and it ran very lean and the radiator was undersized so we didnt get much riding, we got the car tuned at CBM and we put a new bigger radiator then took it to pismo. It was very fun but we realized the rear suspension was too stiff, and our rear tires were too tall so the car wouldn’t slide very well. We need to fix that and hope to go to the dunes for thanksgiving to really test it.
  3. Hope to be there. There is one problem though, our sand rail is too big for our trailer. We’ll have to figure out something because I would really like to go.
  4. New trailer for us and we’re still trying to dial in our freshly built v8 rail.
  5. I love the graphics. Very cool build.
  6. My dream sand rail would probably be a two seater v8 rail with a pro-charged LT4 and a sequential transmission. Whats your dream sand rail?
  7. until

    My dad (Joblo) and I are planing on going, is't going to be the first dune trip with our v8 rail, Hope we finish it in time.
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