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  1. Thanks again guys! She needed votes along with the crowds loudest cheers and answering some questions. She nailed it and couldn't be happier! I knew they wouldn't be able to fill up the coliseum, would be impossible with a new event like this. But I think they did an awesome job entertaining us, can't wait to go to the San Diego show. I'm sure each one will get better with time. Robby looked exhausted as well as his crew of help! Kelsey won some money and will get flown to Las Vegas in Novemeber to compete with the other Miss SST girls for $10,000.
  2. Kelsey won Miss Stadium Trucks at the LA race last night. Thank you again for your votes and cheers if you were there!
  3. Where in the hell to you get 16? What sites don't I frequent, I used to be on this site all the time years ago and I'm enjoying it now! Stage Mom, nope have never helped my daughter with anything like this and her Dad, sister and friends are helping her too. Is something wrong with helping out and being proud of your children? Robby Gordon's family member invited Kelsey to do this contest, she's helped them out with the Speed Energy convention and Don and Robby are friends. So, we're behind her 100% and sorry you feel this way. Oh and by the way she's over 21!!!
  4. Thank you so much for putting that on your FB page, Kelsey was so happy!
  5. Thank you, they're probably getting tired of looking at this! This contest is way too long, goes until April 23rd!
  6. This is Kelsey on the right side looking at photo. Hi everyone, Kelsey still needs your votes! Could you please vote for LA entry Kelsey Sliwinski, she would appreciate it very much! She is now 33 votes behind 1st place. Thank you very much! https://www.facebook...162850930432266
  7. It's a great idea, but it looks like it won't happen by May, sorry maybe next year! Anyways, enjoy your new adventure, sounds like a great summer to me!
  8. Congrats to you! I have never been there but alot of our customers go every year and love it!
  9. I just think there's better ways to get votes than show half naked pictures!
  10. I thought Bert voted, I'll have to re-check his facebook and see if he LIKED the SST page.
  11. I'd love to but I don't want to be the one to stir up trouble! Now you could go on there and post "Vote for Kelsey who doesn't have to show half naked pictures to get votes" hint, hint. I would love for her to read that!!! Everyone has been posting right underneath the pictures of the contestants. If not you I wish someone would!!!
  12. Here's Kelsey on the right working her first HDRA offroad race. This is at the pre-party last night where she met BJ Baldwin. Today she gets to work the flags and Podium, first time working for Monster.
  13. Thanks guys so appreciate the votes. Yes, we do think she's cheating, you just don't gain that many votes in that little of time! She freaked out when she saw Kelsey ahead of her. If you look at her FB pg. (I snooped) it's Sandy Stillman which you could see in the comment section below the votes. Just click on her photo and it goes to her FB. She promises a peek at her sexy photos if you could get her to a certain number of votes. It's not model material, I think she's skanky! Kelsey's running a clean race, doesn't need to show nasty photos! We figured she's probably having friends make multiple FB pages to they could vote again!
  14. You're right Dunefreak, April 23rd. She is still in second and running way behind but I'm afraid to ask for any other votes. I might get my azz chewed out by Mr.Desertrider71!!! I just thought it would be great to have the support of the sand industry to vote for a girl that loves this sport so much! Thanks for your support, Kathy
  15. Why so bitter? I'm just getting to know this site. Been a long time member of GD.com and thought I'd spread the word about my daughter and the Stadium Super Truck series. Believe me I've supported lots of causes including the ASA when we were trying to keep the Deserts open. Kelsey doesn't consider it a stupid contest. She's an avid off-roader and wants to represent the sport and not just stand up looking pretty. When I went on this site years ago there wasn't much action on here, but things have changed and I will be posting more and not just asking for some help in voting. I wouldn't mind if sombody needed help with their kids, I'd be there in a heartbeat! Have a good night..........
  16. O.k. everyone, PLEASE vote tonight if you can! This other girl was like 17 votes behind and now she caught up to Kelsey for a tie! Thank you!!!!!!!!!
  17. We might go to that one too. LA is the closest for us since we live in Orange County. Can't wait, we went to the preview of this at the Coliseum when Robby annouced his plans for the SST.
  18. PLEASE, PLEASE vote for Kelsey if you haven't yet. The other girl is up to 400 now & we're at 414. She finds ways to catch up quick, so please help Kelsey win this! Anyone going to any of the Stadium Super Trucks events. Phoenix is this weekend and LA is April 27th.
  19. Did you start off by hitting LIKE on the facebook page first? Thanks for trying, we appreciate it......
  20. That was weird! Did you click "go to app" and then it lets you know you voted?
  21. Thank you SAND--SNAKE! As long as you click on "go to app" your vote will count. If not try again, please.
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