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    Currently none except for a Honda 4 wheeler, old folks model. A potential sand car being a Manx "Clone" Looking for a trade or a deal on a "rail".
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    Living the outdoor and sand life with friends as long as I'm able too!

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  1. Would have been a whole lot cheaper to slow down. Your right that isn't possible! Good luck and have fun Pete!
  2. Long time no post but Pete suggessted I do this. I am currently up dating my Manx (clone) and am at the point of redoing the fuse block/wiring and dashboard. Like an idiot, I neglected to lablel the wires as I took them off the old fuse block. Forgot about my memory deficency (senioritis) and am in a fix now. I need someone with wiring experience to help me button this up. All wiring is now exposed and dash and hood is off. Compensation is offered. I am in Henderson (off college and 95) and have a well equiped shop to work on this in and a lot of wiring and related tools and connections. If y
  3. That would be great if we could get some recent info on what the reason is that BLM has resisted this for so long. Thanx Pete
  4. As bad as we need a "day pass", has any progress been made by BLM towards not making people pay the entire weekend price to come from near to Dumont to see friends or family for a day? Do we have anybody like Terry that has any contact with the Barstow Office since he got frustrated and quit. I'm real good at asking stupid questions that can't be 'answered. LOL It's been needed for 10 + years
  5. I can see getting the campfire permit so you have it. I do doubt that if the rangers/sheriffs don't like to go into a camp so outnumbered, for serious issues, that they won 't be anxious to check people for a campfire permit. It's just me talking out my "arse".....again! LOL
  6. 4 wheel drive and forget the sand tires. A waste of money unless your really Hi Power ie. Turbo
  7. How about posting some pictures. Would like to see what your doing as I had one with a 2110 Turbo in mine.
  8. Just have a couple of small things to do to the new toy and I hope to make it. Just make sure there is a turkey sandwitch left for me. Hope to see you guys there. Ordered final parts today and should have in time! Have I thanked the new Dumont boss lately for all the screwed up rules and lack of movement on her part. Damn book managers.
  9. Been away awhile and was wondering if the BLM has made any accomodations for someone coming out for one day just to visit for the day if I take the camper and pay for the weekend? I'd like for the wife to drive out to Dumont but she doesn't like to stay as long as I do.
  10. Perfect opportunity to check out the new toy. I'm planning on doing it for the day!
  11. I have a 2003 f250 7.3 and I took mine to Ricks Transmission off Sunset Road east of Boulder Hwy. He specializes in these and I am very satisfied wiwth his work. He has been doing this for years and is very reputable and reasonable. Mine had 150K on it and it needed a torque conver and he totalllyl rebuild it with a gaurantee. Mine was slipping and gettilng hot.
  12. Good work Pete. I was afraid you would "pull my post" A litte history there. LMAO
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