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  1. Yea I have a full set. Give me a call tomorrow at the shop 702-987-0202
  2. Low speed vehicles are already on the streets. They have to stay on roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. Most of these vehicles are NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles) The GEM Car is one such vehicle. LSV and NEV have to meet FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) and for owners of side by sides they are fairly easy to convert. One of the reasons we want to register them is to have access to park service approve dirt roads, like to the river where only street legal vehicles are allowed or be able to drive them to the desert without having to load them up in a trailer. Th
  3. I looked over that bill, it is a bill that according to what i've read in the minutes was drafted by the Nevada wildlife coalition. It is a mandatory registration program.
  4. No. What I'm trying to do is find a way for us to be able to register our side by sides here in Nevada so we may operate them on the streets. This is NOT a mandatory program. We are not reinventing the wheel. Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) are already on the roads here in Nevada and are already being registered. Several manufactures make LSV’s. We are asking that the DMV allow owner modified vehicles to be registered as well. The DMV policy is to allow only vehicles made by a licensed manufacture to be registered as a LSV. No one would be required to register their Side By Side as a LSV. The bill
  5. What most people who buy a side by side out of state don't know, is there is a tax paid stamp that is supposed to be affixed to your ATV or side by side. This came about a few years ago. You can be ticketed for operating a ATV, side by side or dirt bike if you don't have this stamp. The stamp is given to you when you purchase the vehicle in Nevada by the dealer or by the DMV (I think) when you pay the sales tax on a vehicle purchased out of state. So far I have not heard of anyone being ticketed, but sooner or later it will happen.
  6. There is no actual law I can find in AZ that allows registration, they just do it.
  7. The problem is, the DMV does not want to register them. I have been working on this issue for more than 2 years. Registering them as a low speed vehicle was a way of answering the DMV about the vehicles not meeting FMVSS (Fed. Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) Meeting FMVSS as a low speed vehicle is the easiest way to convert a side by side. The feds made is fairly simple so people can convert their vehicles We can take them over to AZ and get them registered, but Nevada has some strict laws on being a resident of Nevada and out of state registration. This is a last resort option personally,
  8. We have cleared the latest hurdle thrown at us who wish to register our Side By Sides; The EPA. While this is good news at the federal level, I have yet to receive a reply back from the DMV and don't expect the DMV to be receptive to this, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We sent an email to the EPA a few weeks ago asking about EPA rules on owner modified side by sides. Below is the response. I will be creating a letter to the DMV asking for registration if the DMV again denies registration so if everyone can be prepared to do the email campaign again, I would appreciate it. ------------
  9. We can't get a straight answer on this. I have looked at AZ law and I have no idea.
  10. I received this today from Mr. Froese. I enclose his reply as well as my intended reply. Since it is the weekend I have to time ponder it over. Recommended any changes you see fit. From: Mark Froese [mailto:MFroese@dmv.nv.gov] Sent: Friday, May 01, 2009 3:05 PM Cc: Edgar Roberts; Farrokh Hormazdi; Kristine Nelson Subject: Owner Modified Low Speed Vehicles - SB179 Good Day, The DMV has received several emails from different individuals expressing their concern with the Department on the apparent opposition to registering and titling UTVs (“modified” Rhinos) as Low Speed Vehicles. I woul
  11. No thanks are required. All the help you and others have done is more than enough thanks. You Rock!
  12. I received an email from a person stating ATV's should not be street legal, as they are dangerous. It was apparent from their email they had no idea what we were trying to do. I have decided to write why we should have the ability to register these vehicles. As most of you know, many of us have been involved with a fight to get Side by Sides registered as a Low Speed Vehicles here in Nevada. While this may seem silly to you, why do I want to make my Side by Side slow? Slow can be a temporary thing, after it is registered that is between you and law enforcement. As long as it is operated on t
  13. Thank you everyone for your emails it may be working. I hope everyone will continue to send the emails. Assemblyman Hardy asked me to draft a summary of what we wanted. He is looking for a transportation bill to insert it in. As many of you know, we have been asking for registration for over 2 years now. Nevada DMV stated they do not register off-road vehicles. Even when I insisted they did, gave them examples of it, the DMV denied it. About 8 weeks ago, the DMV decided to toss out the baby with the bath water and I assume because of me telling them they did register off road vehicles, the
  14. This is not just for the Rhinos but for all side by sides. I just have a Rhino. Once one is registered then all can be registered as long as they can meet the FVMSS for a LSV. There are some stipulations on how we speed control the side by sides. I know how to do the Rhino. Not sure on the others s as I have not done one yet. The rest of the requirements are easy.
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