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  1. yeah its great to be home and see my girls, it was interesting to say the least, thank you all for the welcome home. already got a job here so no need to venture to a sh*tty land. it was a hell of an experience thats for sure. but there is no place like home. i cant wait for dune season and the next regatta. i will gladly stay here and stay working!!!! thanks again pete and all my fellow duners!!!!
  2. well getting ready to leave this FOB (bandesarde) getting ready to go to Four Corners, so far i have been to Bagram, Sharana, Andar, and here Bandesarde. out of all of them this place is the best of all, small not to busy, good people, i like working with the soldiers and making sure they get the help they need. i have 94 days before i come home on R&R for 2 weeks then back out this way till November. im thinking about re upping for another 6 months to get bills all squared away and have some cash for once. the only thing that kills me is missing my girls, My daughter Ava is getting sooooo big and she is talking so much. whats even funnier is my wife lost her cell phone a couple of weeks ago and blurted out "F*CK!"...it wasnt 10 seconds later Ava said it too!!!...oh man i can see the notes from school now!! well off for now got some great pics and video from this place. i can offocially take afghanistan off my bucket list. Cole
  3. i alwasy try to be positive about all of it, and just try to throw a funny spin on it.
  4. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/965378/
  5. http://bigwheelrally.com/store/adult.htm http://maddogcycles.com/product-list/bikes-1000/other-1037/three-wheelers-1049/ Deven and I have been talking about getting these for the last couple of years...they are alot of fun...i get damaged just walking or riding my dirt bike...id hate to see this hospital bill..."you were doing what??...on a what????"
  6. LOL.. after a few MRE's the bags will stand on their own.i will say this...the MRE's they have now are sooooo much better than what they were during Desert Storm, Somalia, Bosnia and Hati....mmmmm good stuff...but 9000 Calories will eff you up. im back down to 180lbs, trying to get to 170, down from 225. so i stay away form the heart choking artery clogging MRE (Make your Rectum Explode) ill make the best of every situation, i did fall into the evil jedi minds of some sheetheads that brought me down, but i recovered and brought myself back to having fun, laughing when we get mortard. i think its hysterical...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .............. BOOM! (me giggling)...LOL weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......BOOM (LOL) other than that, im in the Andar Province right now, gonna head out to another FOB (foward Operating Base) then to a COB (combat Operating Base) which is smaller than a FOB... all these places have some strange names, like one place i cant even pronounce but it sounds like Band aid, so thats what we call it. then some really chitty places that we call FOB Make-ya-wanna-quit, or FOB gonna-stab-myboss-when-i-get-back...lol but its all good, i have about 102 days left untill R&R, then its vegas bound, and then Florida bound for alot of rum and jamesons and some kilt wearing surfing!! YIAH YIAH! then back here till Nov. i might go to Kuwait for 6 months after Nov, a chance to improve my resume and be a instructor on the MRAP Family of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles. its fun here an all...but im living out of a bag that can only sustain so many days of living and so many used underware....lol...so the quicker that i get to a permanate place the happier ill be. right now im just FOB hopping, id like to say that this isnt in my contract....but the cool thing is, i think im in a sh*tty place right now...LOL..NOPE...i get to go to a new place that was worse than the last...LMAO so it makes it fun. it really isnt to bad if you can get used to the whole toilet thing with a baggy...oh did i mention, the artillery guys like to mess with us at night, they use the dam 155mm gun to sound off that its friggin 1am......and allllls well...bastids..we are litteraly about 50 to 60 yards from them, so in the middle of some por...uhhh movie... you are shaken from your rack with such violance, and being that i only had 1 hand avail, ive dam near fallen out of my bed in a very comprimising position...almost dropped my mouse!!! everyone will blurt out a little giggle...but i know better...they almost dropped their mouse too!!! we go to bed in a 10 person tent, no snow, cold as hell muddy as hell. and wake up frozen mud and a new layer of snow, and to the generator been shut down, and that kills the heater, so after an hour of fighting the urge to get out of bed. you have to knock off the ice cicles of the testies and run to the "Restroom"..(ok funny side bar here) we have 2 bathrooms...1 for #2 (thats with a baggy) and then the 1 for # 1...thats called a piss tube...im not kidding..its a huge 4 inch PVC pipe that goes about 30 into the ground with only about 3 ft sticking up at an angle...this is not the place to wear flip flops... that has no bueno written alllll over it. well after morning buisness is covered, off to the chow hall where i have requested a table for 8 in the smoking section...service is always bad..ill have to write a very stern email to someone...anyway. daily, scrambled eggs, bacon like substance, and fruit...i always go for what i recognize...fruit...thats the weight loss ive been talking about. as well as it is the safest move....(i havent seen a chicken in months...i dont know where the eggs are coming from). so then there is the coffee...OMG...i think it is filtered Diesel Oil.. GAAAAGGGGGGGG (thank you for the coffee again Terry, it really helps ge the taste of the bacon like substance out of my mouth). off to work. get some M-ATV's install some RPG Netting (it looks like a truck that was covered in netting from one of the boats from Deadliest Catch, but it works) so after working on a few trucks, we get some of the soldiers to help, and they get help from some of the Afghanys...they are alot of fun...iv been teaching them some of our customs...(you prob dont really want to know what im teaching them)..but they seem to like some of the hand signals that they have learned. and obviously the English Termanolgy that accompanies such hand signals. once our day is done, and a few choice cuss words have been taught, as well as combined to make so sense at all. we are off to dinner and back to bed to only start our Ground hog day again. were done here in andar, were just doing the good ol hurry and wait game on a ride out of here.. so anyway, sorry it was long winded and boring, but i have nothing but time on my hands right now (and a mouse) so kids, enjoy your day, DUNE HARD and ill get back on here when i can. Pete look for that post card in the mail i sent you. bye kids!! RAGDOLL MX Cole
  7. well finally on a computer that dosent have DDR Blocked. retarted.... im in the Andar Province right now. couldnt tell you what is going on outside the wire, its too cold for haji to fight. were in a camp that has running water, but no porta potties, so a baggie it is! fun fun fun! its like camping....only with out the toy hauler, booze...sex in the hauler...dirt bikes...booze... HEY this sucks!..lol no really it isnt that bad, its not like iraq, i was spoiled there. i havent heard a shot fired in anger in months. it makes it rather boring. a mortar attack here and there just makes the day go by a little faster. Been working on the M-ATVs, installing RPG Netting. when were done with these things, it looks as if they were on an episode of Deadliest Catch. The soldiers all have a good attitude, some of the contractors that work with need a good slap for bitching about their conditions. they make 4 or 5 times more than soldiers. but anyway. im able to get on FB via my blackberry, and the MWR. so now that i can get on here ill get on more often. Ill be home in June for 2 weeks. (1 week in florida on a beach). then back out here, my contract is over in Nov, but i think i might stay till May...need to pay the light bill. well love and miss you all! cant wait to DUNE! Cole RAGDOLL MX
  8. youll get used to it... just wait till they get out of the blob stage and start getting their own personality...that is the best! Ava's just going to be a rough tough lil tomboy! I cant wait to get home in January and see her!
  9. cute babies Andy!!! congrats to momma...she did all the work...lol
  10. man it looks like your going a million miles an hour!!! thats some Robbie Gordon sh*t right there!
  11. haaaa,,,,,you almost got me!

  12. Ava at Coral Pink, Julie said she didnt want to get off of that bike...lol this was Ava's first dune trip when she was 5 months old around the same time, i see that randog has the same type pic.....see buddy, were gonna be Inlaws...lol
  13. congrats Skinner!!!! gotta get the DDR Regatta shirt out!
  14. might as well go international OGP!!
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