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  1. just a day off would be nice!!!!

  2. I think its a go it's been to long
  3. cool i'll give you guy's a call when i get into town
  4. Neither do i but i got a freind that's drifting this 05 gto so maybe we can get some good action shots in
  5. We'll be down this weekend for this event. Grab your cameras and come on down
  6. thanks randog..after the motor & trans work is all complete..I'm going to start my 67 c10 short bed project..i'v always like the looks of the 67 to 72 body styles..where is cbm located can't seem to find there # I'm for sure going to need some of that cool randog billit stuff that you got to offer ..just need to get all the motor work done first
  7. wow no help at all ... :worthless_without_pics: What i'm doing is building a 383 motor and hoping to get about 500 hp at the crank when it's all done and sad... So i'm going to need is a good shop to do all the 350 block work that is needed to install the new 400 crank
  8. Does any one know a good Machine Shop in the I.E..would like to get some block work done
  9. cant wait to see those pic's...lucky bitchezzzz
  10. just to me they look a little soft is all..mybe they just need a little more contrast ..but you do take some bad a$$ pics for sure
  11. Got a couple good panning shoots in ..could you drop down the f- stops down a couple to darken the picks up a bit or not
  12. that was bad a$$ thanks for sharring......
  13. what was your shutter speed set at in the third pic...
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