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  1. We pulled in on Fri. morning 11-11-11. We camped with come friends who were there for turkey day. We pulled out on Tues. evening. 11-15-11. to meet some other friends at Glamis. Had I known there were some pushy movie folks coming I might have stuck around to screw with them. They can't make you move. the B.L.M. will not make you move.They get a premit to film, but they don't have any more rights out there than you do. A few years ago on a week prior to Thanksgiving a freind and I had our R.V. s set up in the center of about a 80' circle past the 3rd. finger and west of the cut to Comp. The "Junk Yard Wars" crew came in to film a segment of a 3 parter. They set up right at the end of thr 3rd. finger facing the Dunes. The story on the 80' circle was that in those days for some reason A.T.&T. would work right there. We had found it by way of an exhaustive search. My daughter was at the top of a transplant list and we needed 24hr. phone service. I sat and wached one of the producers walk from their camp to ours all the way trying to get out on his cell. As he aproched us he put his phone away and became all business in his attempet to move us out of that valley.I said no, he said why not and I told him. I told him that I watched him trying to get phone service as he walked over and he said he hated coming out there because of no phone service.I told him to walk to the front of my motorhome and take another shot at his phone. He was shocked at the service he could get by my coach. I told him I was not moving but his people were welcome to use my circle,of phone signal for the time they would be there. We become great friends We were offered helicoptor rides. Full acess to all catering services. souveners, T-Shirts, free run of thier machine shop truck and parts trailer. In the end when they shot the big race across the valley they came right past ourcamp and we ended up in the movie. I guess the lesson is ,don't let them push you around but it pays to make freinds .
  2. Last year when we showed up for vets weekend we were told, no fee for the weekend because of Vets Day. Does this happen every year or did we just get lucky? I have spent a lot of Vets weekend at Dumont and last year was the first time since the fees started that we have been let in for free.
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