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  1. Last time we were out New Years Eve my girlfriend who has AT&T had great service in the camping areas
  2. Great video 👍👍 I like how you blended the car sound in the video even when showing the drone footage 👍👍
  3. It’ll be interesting and Polaris will have to get these CARB compliant as well time will tell
  4. So correct me if I am wrong, but want the SXS helmet rule held to 1000 CC and lower? wonder how the new RZR will effect that?
  5. You can also try MCM Fab & Design 702-729-3235 they welded up my frame on my buggy
  6. Interesting design!! never seen one like that. GLWTS
  7. Halloween is super fun to watch the sh*t show. Don’t expect to do any fast crazy runs (not that you should, unless you know Dumont) tons of people on Halloween, it’s actually one of my favorite weekends. speaking of which I guess it’s time to put my car back together lol
  8. I talked to some shops when I had like 40 gallons in my boat. they referred me to a guy who came out (don’t have his contact info) and pumped it out and charged me like $25 but it was a qty I don’t know how much your talking? If like 5 gallons I dunno if he’d be interested. if like 5 gallons I’ve just burned it in my lot lol
  9. Good to hear from you! so considering selling all my sh*t and taking a year off lol. Buuutttt I still wanna play lol my F450 I could sell what I paid for it in 2017 and only be outta pocket a few $K for a new one but I’d have to order it lol.
  10. BLM made that pool so they would have a place to get water for watering down the road.
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