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  1. Last time we were out New Years Eve my girlfriend who has AT&T had great service in the camping areas
  2. Great video I like how you blended the car sound in the video even when showing the drone footage
  3. It’ll be interesting and Polaris will have to get these CARB compliant as well time will tell
  4. So correct me if I am wrong, but want the SXS helmet rule held to 1000 CC and lower? wonder how the new RZR will effect that?
  5. You can also try MCM Fab & Design 702-729-3235 they welded up my frame on my buggy
  6. Interesting design!! never seen one like that. GLWTS
  7. Halloween is super fun to watch the sh*t show. Don’t expect to do any fast crazy runs (not that you should, unless you know Dumont) tons of people on Halloween, it’s actually one of my favorite weekends. speaking of which I guess it’s time to put my car back together lol
  8. I talked to some shops when I had like 40 gallons in my boat. they referred me to a guy who came out (don’t have his contact info) and pumped it out and charged me like $25 but it was a qty I don’t know how much your talking? If like 5 gallons I dunno if he’d be interested. if like 5 gallons I’ve just burned it in my lot lol
  9. Good to hear from you! so considering selling all my sh*t and taking a year off lol. Buuutttt I still wanna play lol my F450 I could sell what I paid for it in 2017 and only be outta pocket a few $K for a new one but I’d have to order it lol.
  10. BLM made that pool so they would have a place to get water for watering down the road.
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