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  1. Glad it was found. Hopefully not too much damage. really hope the scumbags that stole it got caught.
  2. It was a great weekend!! not crowded at all, put a new Alper motor in my car and it runs amazing!! great weather, friends and dune family. cheers to two thousand twenty one!!!
  3. This car is on race desert also and he has his phone number.
  4. As I’m sure you have read. Please keep trying dogs are most often always found if you keep trying. good luck getting your pup back
  5. Looks like a great weekend sad I missed it.
  6. Driving past Baker yesterday it was blowing like crazy. Should make for some great dunes
  7. Wow gorgeous car is that carbureted or throttle body injection? up for trades?
  8. Wasn’t any better, so I’d say it’s not up yet. last I heard Verizon was the closest carrier to being completed. Something about power not ready yet.
  9. Both I like Halloween, veterans Weekend, thanksgiving, and New Years, but I’m down for off weekends also. oh and let’s not forget presidents Day
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