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  1. Where did you get the service manual in PDF?
  2. Lock em up and pin them against the trailer with the PU trucks.
  3. I bought a couple of these disk brake locks/alarms and they work great. There is no way your going to cut through the lock or cable without moving it. The alarm does'nt activate until you install it on the disk brake or the special cable. Once you install it it takes about 15 seconds to activate and if you move the quad at all the alarm goes off. http://www.xenasecurity.com/home/current/lock/
  4. That was my house that was on the original post. The police came to the house on Saturday the 1st of December and the officer asked my son if we had quads. My son said "yes" and showed to officers' the quads. The officer ran the VIN numbers which came back clean because they are my fourwheelers. The officer went back to "raptorluvr7" and told him that his quads were not at my house. I assume that raptorluvr7 did not believe the officer and then made the post accusing me of stealing his quads. I found out last night from a neighbor that he was sitting in front of his house running his private stakeout. Before I called the Henderson PD I emailed raptorluvr7 and gave him the opportunity to contact me. I don't appreciate pictures of my house being posted on the internet and getting accused of stealing quads. For all I know he's casing my house to steal my stuff. I called Henderson PD and they came out and took pictures of all my quads last night and went back to show him the pictures last night. That is why all the pictures of the house and address references have been removed from this post. I also PM'd him last night and gave him my phone number so he could call me and never got a call. To all you guys who thought it was rhinoduneriders house. You need to stop assuming things. raptorluvr7 had a chance all day to contact me and a chance to post a reply to clear my name, but I haven’t got a phone call or seen a post from him yet. akita8
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