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  1. How sad. I hate to hear about duners losing their lives in accidents. RIP Don.
  2. It's also really important to keep dogs on a leash or contained when they're outside. I see too many people let their dogs run loose. They could get hurt or lost. It's a huge "pet" peeve of mine!
  3. Now that the govt is reopening, does that mean the BLM will be in full force for Halloween weekend? Like as in medical services??? I met a BLM firefighter on a plane today. She said that they are coming off of furlough. She was going back to work. Hmmm...
  4. Ok, I see there's a thread about the meet and greet.
  5. We should make it as long as we don't forget the time.
  6. We are here, out by restroom 10. Look for the Attitude 5th wheel with the blue graphics. Is anyone doing the meet and greet thing on Saturday? Last couple times we went out for a meet and greet, barely anyone showed up.
  7. BOTH!!! I was craving a Diet Coke and a sandwich.
  8. You should do yardwork before and after school hours with a pistol on your belt in plain view. You're not threatening anyone and it's perfectly legal if you own the gun. Maybe put a bumper sticker on your truck that says I love guns. LOL!!! We have kids across the street from us that throw rocks and scamper all over people's yards, getting rocks everywhere. Their dad knows that of one of those rocks gets near our cars, they're in big trouble! Good thing is they're moving soon. Yay!
  9. We normally stop at Valero in Baker on our way out to Dumont to Top off the truck with diesel and get lunch. they don't carry Coca Cola products anymore and it took 30 minutes to get a sandwich from Quiznos. I'm sure they got a smokin deal from Pepsi, but how dumb is that to limit yourself? And they are so understaffed all the time. I saw that a new center is being built, as you enter Baker from the north. Any idea as to what that's going to be? Hopefully a new gas station and dump. I'm over Valero. We've gone through Tecopa a few times, but we lose cell signal through there. It's okay if
  10. Jodi, I laughed so hard at your camp! Good times!!! Next time we will all have to go for a ride together. Hope the guy who cracked his skull is ok. That's crazy to ride drunk AND without seatbelts or harnesses.
  11. We had some campers swing by our camp last night looking for a yellow lab that ran off during the fireworks. Our camp went looking with flashlights for the dog last night and never found her. I hope she was found. That breaks my heart. Also, we saw flight for life come into Dumont twice this weekend. I hope everyone was okay. The weekend was fun, with the exception of the crazy winds on Thursday. Hope everyone else had a good time. We had a small camp, which was very relaxing. And we got to see Mike and Jodi this time. The razors were pretty sharp, but thank goodness everyone at our camp
  12. I said they might know someone. Most of the people in gun shops are a little odd. They gave my husband a fair deal and were pretty helpful.
  13. Clean Up is one of my favorite weekends to come out to Dumont. I'm hoping we can come out and camp that weekend. I miss the poker run. That's always fun, too!
  14. We got to meet Jackster, which was cool. Most of the time the meet and greets are what we callers and stare! LOL! I'm glad we actually got to "meet" someone! My favorite meet and greet was the one where we sang happy birthday to Mark (bluesteel) and embarrassed him. LOL!
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