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  1. Played a two day party/bbq for labor day.good times.
  2. Oh sweet! Not sure actually I haven't heard from him yet. Im pissed I still haven't been to coral.
  3. Oh sweet. Where you at, AV?
  4. King of the hammers is usually the second or third week in feburaury . That's a great race to watch. Simply rediculous.
  5. Went out to the hammers las night at seven didn't get done wheelin till 4a.m. Lot of bad ash rigs and a full moon to light up the the rocks. Plus a wicked meteor shower Made for a great run. Everybody was very capable so we were able to run about six trails. Ive been comin out here since I was little and still can't believe anything can drive over this stuff. I did the best I could with my droid takin pictures. Here's some of the best ones. Keep in mind most of these pics don't show the steepness of the canyons were in.
  6. I drive that road to work everyday and was comin home about a half an hour after it happened. They had it completely closed down for hours on end. Had to go a really long way home. The next day I saw the site and the road was completely fried all the across both lanes. Very sad. I have alot of early riding memories at slash x.
  7. i hate you barstow.

    1. Jusdune


      Why you Hate Barstow?

  8. The scary thing is dudes outfit. Mr rogers called...
  9. The last name looks sick man. Never seen it done like that before. Its addicting!
  10. Glad to see DDR still steamin!!! How y'all doin? Pete the site looks awesome! Here's a few highlights of the last year or so for your viewing pleasure
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