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  1. Polaris Rzr 1000. Custom cage. 2 light bars. Newer 32x15 fuel rims tensor tires. Stage 4 Fosgate stereo system with second battery. 5150 whips. Stock seats with pass through 4 point harnesses. Have stock tires and 28” paddles tires front and rear included. Has 125 hours with 2440 miles. 3 years left on extended warranty.
  2. Also sat day i heard and have no details that razor in seperate crash by self rolled all the way down comp
  3. Not sure about this story and cant comfim but went to camp were sandrail was at sunday that 2 guys were ejected. They told us there was 2 seperate wrecks same time there sandrail was one at bottom with 2 guys ejected said both tore up but should survive. At the top of hill they were told was a atv that crashed into a sandrail or vise vesa and the atv one was fatal.
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