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  1. Friday night..... Going anyways, I have a motorcycle rain suit, keeps me dry and warm.. Anyone wants to camp with us is welcome.. The truck is all black now...
  2. Kids are out all week, so Im taking them monday I think, maybe sunday night....but the superstreet car nationals are sat sun too.
  3. Best value ive seen was a turbo can am maverick 4:seater..(17900).2016 so its at my place now. I had a subby car, and currently have a old school vw car too. The maverick is capable... I duned at Halloween and rarely was wide open on it. Its a versatile car, trails, etc...and holds the passengers. As for power, its a turbo, and ice been a turbo builder fabricator for 20 years...I have 10 + turbo cars...so turning it up is straight forward to me
  4. Actually no, a smaller gear on the front or a bigger gear on the rear lowers your top speed. You can verify this by a goggle search....but ive been doing this for 30 years.
  5. My son is building his odysee and he is putting a chain drive on. He needs a large rear sprocket cause his new engine is a 6 speed. He also needs it to be for a 520 chain which I think most will be. His new engine is a crb250r....fuel injected and then turboed on e85. Anyways the mounting doesnt matter I have to fabricate that for him. He just needs something inthe high 40's low 50's cause I dont need him going 92 mph on the flats with a 42....
  6. Me and my kids would be totally up for it. Ive done a few times.....but I even get up and run when im at dumont. Hopefully we can make it happen someday, it would be a great video
  7. great pictures please do the little girl a favor.....and get the belt on right........
  8. Ive been critisised to no end regarding safety, so I dont post much. In this case, Pete even your asking questions....why, how....and that car would NOT pass a tech inspection in any racing organization in the world I know of. In both pictures....(just pictures) its clear that all the belts are mounted WRONG. ALl the shoulder belts anyways which would fail any legit tech inspection. I know these are not race cars....but considering the idea that these are not on a nice smooth paved surface. Duners, in general are asking for performance from their cars in what is basically close to the worse terrain on the planet, and want a smooth ride too boot. See the bars the shoulder belts are mounted too.....all too low....SHOULDER BELTS DO NOT hold you in the seat....if you cinch them down and they snug you down in the seat.....they are in wrong. The LAP belt holds you in the seat, the shoulder belt keeps your torso from moving forward during a high G stop. Sad but about 99% of rails are built wrong....with the cross bars too low or non existent. The mount point should be roughly at the same height as the top of the shoulders of the person in the seat. I ran two sets of shoulder belts in my car for that reason. A lid on the roof......also helps dramatically, During a roll over, with no roof the bars sink in the sand....Causing occupant intrusion and huge forces on the chassis in directions it was never designed for, tension versus compression. With a lid securely mounted, the chassis stays in compression (very strong) for the majority of upsets. I even have a fire suit......so Ill go put it on. Cause Im get flamed for this Im sure. The funco car pictured also looks to have the B pillar bar ....what 6 inches from the driver and passenger head? Looks like a helmet car, even with padding. Virtually all cars with cages....require padding of everything the drivers head can contact even with a helmet.....which is always required ofcourse. I occasionally drive a very fast turbo LS powered rail....and I always wear full face helmet, neck collar, gloves....and more sometimes. My boy rides with me occasionally....and he wears his hans type device for riding , helmet, etc...and I constantly check his belts and tighten mine. I hope its never needed, but we can try better. Last years christmas gifts.....chest protectors..all around, inspired by the quad rider killed by the rail at the flats at comp. This year....new helmets.
  9. Not that hard? You would think, but even when they have the work force they can not man each way. It would be easy to stop over night theft out there, but its to hard to imagine 4 people doing a job....lol.... Backup? it takes them 30 minutes to 4 hours to get to my place in town....and they have 7 people patrolling the command area. I bet if they call for back up....you could do a nice three day.....and leave before someone arrives....all they can do is spend tax payer money......(a lot of it by the time its over) to keep people out of a public land area that they paid to have access too....That will go over well.....
  10. If a leo shows up....ask him how much he likes his job, how much he likes paying his motgage? and ask if hed like to watch as you ride? IF he has any sence at all, he ll realize that he wont be getting overtime for the fight that might happen, and that by the time the dust settles that nothing will happen.....nothing. By the time they call for back up to remove two trucks and trailers, and get everyone out there.....they will spend 8000$ of tax payer money......that equals job loss.......somewhere down the line.
  11. So as long as the shut down goes....I dont need a pass....I dont need stickers....and I wont be able to pee in a building... Probably cant even get passes.....hmmm....except from a vendor that has them. Sounds just like what people refer to as the good ol days.
  12. blm wants.... blm wants..... blm wants a paycheck......
  13. I believe it depends on weather the vehicle is a registerable or registered vehicle. If the vehicle is registerable then a licence is needed. Basically, if it has a vin # and appears that the dmv would give ya a plate. If its not, then no license is needed. Most counties draw the line there for several reasons....ie , is a non registered vehicle a stolen vehicle to the dmv? NO...its stolen personal property. The trailer it was on, is the stolen vehicle to the dmv. Is a rail parked in your driveway allowed by the county when your allowed two non registered (running) vehicles to be outside....and you already have two cars out that run but are not registered....yes....because its technically not a vehicle....to the county. Cities and hoas ofcourse make their own rules, but thats how counties ussually view it. A unregisterable vehicle is viewed the same as a quad....or jr dragster, or go cart... If your truck is a street going ranger prerunner....then he cant drive it. If its a tube chassis, custom that could never see the light of day on the street and has no title, no lights, no glass....etc etc then yes
  14. I got the aluminum radiator in, and took it for a quick drive. I hope the tires round out a bit....after sitting for so long. It needs a panhard rod on the front. The lift lets the springs sway back and forth since they are the only thing alinging the tires. Its pretty horrible over about 45 or 50 right now. It runs like a top, thou, just turn the key and it fires rt up to a nice idle. Everything else seems to work, I just need a remote for the 6000 warn winch.
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