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  1. I replied to your message on fb. Just shoot me an address
  2. Really, sounds real cool. Will try
  3. We got there mon before new years and stayed till sun, awesome trip. Shoved teryx and rail in the enclosed and had a blast, 200mi on teryx and a tad over 100 on rail. Got there in time to grab some Cree LEDs fro GTP for the f350 and visit. It was a nice long trip but the light wind Sunday am made for a PERFECT 45min non Stop dune run before loading but in turn made it that much harder to leave. I set the gopro wrong and have 1500+ pics from last run to look at lol, I'll get to that some day lol.
  4. If I go it will be a day trip to dune n visit
  5. folks I had lined up flaked! guess I will call labor ready in the AM
  6. I still need 2 more body's!!! 2 nights + ot. It's not that hard and it's in a MALL. 760559three88one Aaron
  7. Ok folks I STILL need 3! Now the client is only giving me the nights of the 22 & 23 tue and wed night of next week. This Means we are more than likely looking at some OT as well. Need some bodies THANKS
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