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  1. Not even close Steve! Wanting a TRX 450R or similar.
  2. I'm selling my 2007 Yamaha Raptor 700. I purchased this brand new and am the original owner. Bike has never been rolled and I followed up with servicing (oil change, spark plug, etc) far more than what the manufacture recommendations are. Bike runs great and is a very comfortable duner. Asking price $3,400.00. Call or text Chad at 702-355-0284 if interested. Bike comes with the following extras: Sparks big core exhaust Power Commander 5 with Auto Tune Aftermarket intake Re-valved rear shock Elka Dune Edition Front Shocks ODI grips Fly aftermarket handle bars AC Racing nerf bars with integrated pegs Brand new steering rods After market skid plate on swing arm not sure of brand.. Skat trak paddles and front razors rims included Dirt tires rims included Powder coated blue hubs and other misc parts Pro Armor brake pedal Pro Armor shifter Pro Armor rear bumper AC Racing front bumper
  3. Sorry I should clarify it's not officially "broken down" but it's taken apart in my garage. Tie rods are bent pretty bad and suspension needs some necessary service before the season starts. Needless to say have fun guys and be safe!! Post pics and trip report!!
  4. Have fun guys! The raptor is broken down in my garage right now otherwise I would be going. It seems every summer sand run I've been on the last few times someone has gotten hurt so be careful out there.
  5. Terrible news! His family and those who knew him best are in my thoughts and best wishes.
  6. We went through those "No OHV" points and didn't even know it. To be honest I couldn't even tell where they ended or even begun. By the end of the trip if we "accidentally" went through one we continued to ride until we got out of the closure without any acknowledgment that we were even in a closed area. By the end of the weekend we just rode and if we were in a closed area then so be it.
  7. Well it's been long over due and because I'm a cheap SOB I finally broke down this weekend and bought myself a new Macbook Air. Anyone here have one? I've been a long time Apple fan and my first real computer was an old PowerMac G4 processor but have never owned one of their laptops before. I chose a laptop because I recently was promoted and would rather use an Apple for my work duties. What has everyones experience been with the Macbook Air? I've heard there is a way to get a dual monitor set up with one but looks complicated. Anyone tried it?
  8. I'll be rolling in later tonight after work. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend out in Dumont with a lot if runs in the sand box. It's been a while and this is just what I need. See you all out there!
  9. This sounds like a great idea, I'm in!
  10. That's crazy temps right there. No thanks I'll sit at home in my bathtub full of ice and water instead!!
  11. You launched but seemed to have a soft landing considering.. Could have been much worse. It was nice of "Tow Strap Black" not to wave you off before you went over though...
  12. Yeah that first wreck could have been a lot worse and glad it wasn't to serious! It was a great day today and glad we could make it out for a fun run in the sun.
  13. The low out on Saturday is supposed to be 73 degrees so it should make for a nice first run right when we get there. After that I'm sure temps will start creeping real fast. Looking forward to this one!
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