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    Chris Brunson
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    1986 Winnebago
    2000 24' Haulmark
    2006 Extreme Performance Eco
    2000 CR 500
    2008 Raptor
    1971 CT 70
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    1983 ATC 70
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  1. These guys are making all this stuff. http://www.facebook....41575368?ref=hl
  2. I am currently running the CDI from malaysia on 3 machines and haven't had a problem with them running. I bought the cheap ignition for my stocker (no adavnce) just to get rid of the points and it runs like a champ
  3. Hey Pete, Is there anything the rest of us can do to help make this happen? I'm sure their are people on here that would pitch in anyway they can to help. I havent read the permit but I'm willing to do what i can from utah
  4. Shouldn't we have the show and shine at the beginning of the regatta while most of them are still shiny?
  5. Wish I could make it down to the regatta this year.

  6. Richard, Are you going to plan any group rides on any of those days?
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