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  1. Hi, it's my hose that got lost. Could you shop it to So Cal if I send you the cost of shipping? Thanks
  2. Selling one of my pilots. Link to my Craigslist ad below. Will be at Dumont for Halloween, give me a call if you are interisted. Thanks Nick http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/rvs/2630981563.html
  3. Here is a link to my buggy I am trying to sell. Thanks http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/rvs/1961204979.html
  4. I love my RZR-S, bought it brand new in xmas of '08 "for the wife" and have loved it ever since. Threw the drive belt once, but it was back up and running in no time. For being a stock powerplant, i am pretty impressed. I can take it comp hill with a passenger. My yfz450 sits mostly back at camp. I also have a 1990 pilot which is faster than my RZR-S, but the stock suspension doesnt compare to the S stock suspension.
  5. I have an '09 RZR-S and I used to run 25-8-12 ITP mudlites shaved into mohawks up front on stock S wheels and 25-10-12 7 scoop extreme haulers on the rear on stock S wheels and didnt like them at all. I couldnt even dune in 2wd, the rear would just sink. I talked to the guy at Fullerton Sand Sports and he sold me on a set of 26-12-12 8 scoop extreme haulers on my stock S wheels and for now I am running the stock front wheels and maxxis tires, and it is WAY BETTER!!! I dune in 2wd all day even with a passenger. I chose the 8 scoop over 7 for stability in the corners, carving bowls, and the S also has more power and different gearing than a standard RZR so running 8 scoop is fine. I want to get some 26-9-12 ITP dune star fronts that will give good steering and good forward traction as well and sell off my 25'' mohawks. Never did get why people run smoothies on the front of a 4wd vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter. Doesnt it kill your steering? And also you are hurting the 4wd ability if you need to use it, right?
  6. I have a full set of original 1983 red plastics in decent shape. Can send you pics if you want, let me know. Nick 909-244-0498
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