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  1. right on! I'm trying to get a few more to join me also
  2. we have a few guys planning on heading out also! leaving the high desert in. CA around 6am
  3. anyone planning on going out? gonna be my first trip this season... finally! lol hopefully some of my DDR fam will be out there too
  4. ya let's set a date! lol
  5. not gonna make it you guys enjoy the sand for me tho!
  6. awesome idea! if I was out there is be there
  7. i need some sand!! lol great pics and write up!
  8. if it's quoted from manufacturer that top speed is below 30 than no helmet is required, talked to the supervisor for ca OHV yesterday.
  9. umm idk... I actually talked the OHV department today to get a clear answer, as BLM has not gotten a clear briefing...they passed a law and BLM supervisor was more confused then me...lol so when I hear back from OHV (supervisor was in a meeting) so left a message I will ask him for you. ok curious about my 10 month old and a helmet. nothing fits her and she loves the rhino
  10. Yes lets make a date! we and a buddy duned our atc70's (125cc) from wash 12 to olds few weeks back, what a blast!
  11. sweet! hopefully you can lead some more runs joe! sounds good Adam. years past it's not too busy out there that weekend...not a normal holiday crowd anyway
  12. anyone planning on going out for MLK? I know it's a holiday but it's usually pretty mellow in D
  13. no it's not joe. it must be designed my manufacturer to go over 30mph
  14. no it's not joe. it must be designed my manufacturer to go over 30m
  15. can't wait! see you guys tonight!
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