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  1. If you lost your Tom Tom in Las Vegas and you think it might be yours pm me with your telephone number or email address.
  2. This video was done this way because I had several friends request that I make one with only razor back footage. I have a couple of other ones on youtube that you might like more. here are the links: I hope you enjoy them.
  3. It's a Sony 520 resolution camera attached to an Archos AV 500 DVR. This set up works pretty well. I think you can actually get the camera in 560 resolution, but the one I have takes pretty good quality video. Hope that helps.
  4. I can't figure out how to get this into the video section, but I thought you might enjoy it.
  5. I loosen the drain plug at the bottom of the bowl and hook an old fuel vent hose from my dirt bike and just drain the bowl. You don't even need a shut off. I do it every time I park the hauler. Also, If you end up having a new one installed you might check with Cummins. They are over off of Losey Road somewhere near Cheyenne or Craig. Cummins is the manufacturer, just to see if they are less than Cals.
  6. It's either a 560 or 580 lines of resolution camera. I recommend you spend the $$$ and get a good one because it makes a big difference in quality and the $$$ difference is not that much. Let me know if you decide to research and I can help you. It hasn't been long since I went through it.
  7. It's a sand drag car with duel rear paddles. He was just cruising and I decided to get some vid. I thought it was cool.
  8. Sure, Put it wherever people can enjoy it.
  9. We did up a little video from last season...Hope you enjoy it. More to come later.
  10. How about a little air. This is my son on his YFZ 450.
  11. I'll check that out. I am using an Archos AV 500 (DVR I think). I was just using my DVDR and recording it to DVD, but My editing sucks. I also figured out how to save to Windows media player, but can't edit and the files seem to be large (probably that AVI). I am working on it. At the very least I have some DVDR with bad editing that could probably be used. I just took about 10 hours of unedited video and recorded random clips to it. The trouble with that is that it won't play on all DVD players. I don't know if that is a problem or not. Thanks for the help, I'll check on your editing program. Let me know if you have any other ideas.
  12. :dance: Hey Mohawk Kyle, I forgot to get your dad's phone number last weekend. Can you help me out?
  13. I am a very low tech gear head with hours and hours of unedited helmet cam footage. I probably could figure out how to email small samples or I could put footage on disc. How can I get footage to you?
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